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With a unique focus on the employee voice, Mercer's Generational Talent Trends report calls out potential gaps between employees’ emerging needs and the actions being proposed by HR today. This report examines the different employee perspectives of Baby Boomers, GenXers, and Millennials.


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In 2017, people expect their employer to “make work work” for their individual circumstances. As part of the Era of the Individual and the rise of the free agent, leaders in organizations of all sizes across the globe understand that the nature of work and the scope of the workplace are shifting. Companies are beginning to respond by taking a “whole person” approach to the career and workplace options available to their workforce because today’s employees have more options about where, when and how they work than ever before.

In this, the second year of the Generational Talent Trends report, research shows many findings across the generations remain the same year over year — but there are changes afoot.

Employees of all generations are demanding a new value proposition that provides greater career support, combined with new flexibility in managing their work and building their skills.

At the center of the new work equation are employees who are looking for more personalized career experiences that bolster current skills and develop new capabilities — all within a work environment saturated with meaningful work and growth opportunities. But not all employees are the same. Not every employee garners or wants the same experiences from their employer, and culture and work environments vary across the globe.

Mercer gathered data from employers, employees, and C-suite executives across the globe on what drives today’s workforce and how organizations are responding.

Nearly 1,727 HR leaders and 5,446 employees, and 398 C-suite executives across 15 countries provided their input. Mercer’s 2017 Generational Talent Trends study highlights current issues in the world of work across the three generations of employees that make up the majority of today's workforce and identifies priorities that demand immediate attention.


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Position Families Analyzed

Generational Talent Trends provides HR professionals with unique insights on the perspectives of three generations of workers.

Topics Covered

  • Building a culture of growth (careers and work environment)
  • Predicting the future workforce)(skills and views for the future workplace)
  • Creating a thriving work environment


Generational Talent Trends is available in one global PDF edition.

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Generational Talent Trends



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  • Short DescriptionThis report calls out potential gaps between employees’ emerging needs and the actions being proposed by HR today.
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