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Company Car Policy Survey page image More than ever, company cars are the most popular benefit for attracting and retaining top talent. However, with increasing corporate social responsibility and increased eco-awareness, this benefit is often being approached in a different way than in the past.
Mercer's 2015 Company Car Policy Survey gives a comprehensive overview of:
  • The impact of headquarters on company car policy.
  • The kinds of creative mobility solutions that are being introduced into the market.
  • The kind of cars your competitors are giving to their employees.
  • How fuel consumption is being managed and controlled.
  • If employers are limiting the freedom of choice of car/model.
  • What the driver's responsibilities are.
  • How employers develop their strategy for a greener future.
This survey will help you to decide and justify, who you offer your company car or benefit in kind to and will provide useful orientation on current trends around company car policy design.

arrowSurvey content

Car policy ownership Policy review Financing method
Policy design
Supplier selection
Policy and budget review
External advice
Lease formula
Lease companies
Fleet management companies
Total cost of ownership
Insurance Fuel cards Car manufacturer agreements
Financing and packages
Fuel consumption management
Driver responsibilities Car allowance Towards a greener policy
Driving license validation
Insurance deductible/franchise
Other drivers
Reasons for introducing
"Go green" actions implemented or considered by organizations including alternative mobility concepts
Policy details    
Eligibility by function and employee category
Business need/functional cars
Freedom of choice and restrictions
Reference cars
Maximum purchase price
Lease budget
Type of fuel allowed
Compulsory equipment
Charges for private use
Fuel paid for by employer
Budget "trade-up" and "trade-down"
Rules for new employees
Spare cars
Rules for part-time employees
Rules for employees on leave
Rules for expatriates
Car wash
Parking places

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2015 Company Cars Policy Survey is available in the following countries:

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Belgium Dieter Valgaerts +32 2 674 88 78
Denmark Christian Sandvei +45 4595 9697
Italy Riccardo Bruno +39 02 72413228
Portugal Tiago Borges +351 21 311 37 79
Spain Tiago Borges +351 21 311 37 79
Sweden Fredrik Sawe Lindholm +46 768 612 806
UK Neil Hurst +44 20 7178 3172

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