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Global Talent Trends Country Reports

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With a unique focus on the employee voice, Mercer's Global Talent Trends Country Reports calls out potential gaps between employees’ emerging needs and the actions being proposed by HR today.
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In this era of the individual, employees have more options about where, when, and how they work than ever before. They are demanding a new value proposition that provides greater career support, combined with new flexibility in managing their work and building their skills. Are the employers up to the challenge?

To find out, Mercer gathered the views of both employers and employees on what drives today’s workforce and how organisations are responding.

More than 1,730 HR leaders and 4,500 employees across 15 countries provided their input. The result is Mercer’s 2016 Global Talent Trends study, which highlights current issues in the world of work and identifies priorities that demand immediate attention.

This report showcases highlights from the global findings (employer and employee surveys) and presents the data results for each of the 15 countries.

Product Details

Comprehensive Data

Global Talent Trends offers a by country view of HR talent trends from both the employer and employee perspectives.

Geographic coverage

  • 1,730+ HR leaders
  • 4,500 employees
  • 15 countries

Topics Covered

  • Anticipated competition for talent
  • Workforce trends likely to impact companies
  • Talent acquisition: build, buy, or borrow
  • Talent management priorities
  • Leveraging data to shape strategy
  • Strengthening leadership
  • In-demand managerial skills
  • Building a culture of growth
  • Rewarding contributors
  • Driving HR effectiveness

Countries/Regions Covered


  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • United States

Asia Pacific

  • Australia
  • China
  • India
  • Japan
  • Singapore

Europe, Middle East and Africa

  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom


Global Talent Trends is available in one global and 15 individual country editions. The prices below are per edition. Each edition is delivered in a PDF format.

Edition Price
Global USD 3,000
Country USD 500

Reports will be delivered through your iMercer account. Contact your local customer service team to place an order.

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Global Talent Trends Country Reports

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  • Short DescriptionThis report calls out potential gaps between employee's emerging needs and the actions being proposed by HR.