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The Global Energy Trading Survey analyzes pay levels collected from over 50 participating companies from around the world regarding the global energy trading industry with commodities for energy traders, portfolio and risk management professionals, and trading operations. These commodities include crude oil, gas, power, coal, and renewable energy.

Covering more than 90 positions across a range of functions and subfunctions, this survey uses a consistent job-matching methodology applied across all locations,  focusing on trading positions, as well as risk management, trading operations and origination, to give you a comprehensive study of compensation packages focused on energy trading in the global market.

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What's new in 2018
In 2018, Energy Trading data will be collected as part of the US MTCS | Mercer Total Compensation Survey for the Energy Sector survey.

Survey results are delivered in Mercer WIN®, giving you access to the data through a variety of parameters – including geography, industry, company size, and more – to more efficiently organize and analyze the information. Mercer WIN enables you to customize your analysis by job as well as compare job descriptions side by side, change pay elements to support the right level of analysis, perform function and career-level analysis, export your data for integration into other systems, and run presentation-quality detailed or summary reports. A published PDF of the survey results can also be found here.

Survey Methodology

Mercer surveys are designed using the most accurate and up-to-date market data practices. Data is collected from HR professionals at participating organizations (never employee self-reported) and then analyzed for validity, thoroughness, and market representation based on the organization's size, structure, geographic region, or a combination of these factors. A minimum number of incumbents, organizations, and distinct organizations are required in order to report each data element. If minimums are not met, the market data is suppressed, ensuring you the highest level of data confidentiality.

Product Details

Survey Locations

The survey will focus on the following global trading hubs:

  • Eurozone*
  • Canada
  • Singapore
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

* European countries

The survey will be published on-line via Mercer WIN in 2016 for the UK, US, Canada and Singapore Surveys.

Data and Report Coverage

The Survey reports values for:

  • Analyses of compensation trends
  • Base salary
  • Long term incentives
  • Policy information for each survey locations
  • Short term incentives/bonuses
  • Total cash compensation
  • Total direct compensation

Survey Results delivered on Mercer WIN.

Positions Surveyed

The survey covers more than 90 positions across a range of functions and sub-functions. The focus is on Trading positions, as well as Risk Management, Trading Operations and Origination.

Finance Settlement and Reconciliations
Information Technology Systems Administration
Operations Short Term Origination
Long Term Origination
Risk Management Credit Risk Management
Market Risk Management
Quantitative Risk Management
Operational Risk Management
Trading Freight and Chartered Trading
Portfolio Trading
Proprietary Trading
Portfolio and Proprietary Trading
Structured Trading
Trading Analytics and Forecasting
Marketing and Sales Programs
Trading Operations Commercial Trading Operations
Contracts Trading Operations
Demurrage/Claims Trading Operations
Scheduling/Shift Trading Operations


2016 Results Price
United Kingdom USD 5,200 / EUR 3,665
United States USD 3,950 / EUR 2,795
Singapore USD 4,200 / EUR 2,975
Canada USD 3,800 / EUR 2,680
Euro-zone USD 3,950 / EUR 2,795
2017 Results* Price
United States USD 3,950 / EUR TBD

Additional discounts are available for Mercer Membership clients. Please contact the Mercer representative in your area for further details.

*2017 results will be available for purchase in August.

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Global Energy Trading Survey

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Survey Schedule

  • Questionnaire Distributed: April 1
  • Participation Deadline: June 10
  • Data Effective Date: April 1
  • Report Available: August

Why this survey?

Whether your company operates in one or multiple locations, this survey provides the local, regional and global insight on trader compensation your company needs to attract and retain the best energy trading talent around the world.

  • More than 50 companies participate in this survey.
  • The survey provides consistent data across multiple survey locations: 
    – A consistent job-matching methodology is applied across all locations 
    – Consistent job functions and role levels are used across all survey locations.
  • The survey provides detailed analysis of pay levels by both location and commodities traded. Commodities include crude oil, gas, power, coal and renewable energy.
  • Additional reporting and analysis provides information on short-term incentives / bonuses and practices from companies with both capped and uncapped bonus plans.
  • Long-term incentives are valued and plan details are reported.
  • The survey is run by Mercer Consultants. They will be available to support you and your team throughout the survey.

Contact Information

North America / Canada

Carolyn Kildare
Telephone: +1 403 476 3341

Joanna Stacke
Telephone: +1 612 516 2239

Eurozone / UK

Ajbir Dosanjh
Telephone: +44 20 7178 7469


Disha Kaushal
Telephone: +65 6398 2437

Participating Companies

  • BG Group
  • BP
  • EDF Trading
  • Eni Trading & Shipping
  • FPL & NextEra Power Marketing
  • LyondellBasell
  • Nexen Energy
  • PBF Energy
  • Repsol Services Company
  • Statoil US Holdings
  • Suncor Energy (USA) Marketing
  • Tesoro Companies
  • IsOrderingSetYes
  • Ordering TypeMultiLevelMultiSelection
  • RegionUS
  • Short DescriptionA compensation survey for the global energy trading industry.