Mercer’s Internal Labor Market (ILM) Mapping Tool

Build your own free ILM map to not only help you see how your workforce is changing, but also why.

Mercer's Internal Labor Market (ILM) analysis provides critical insights into the operation of an organization’s management system, reflecting actual (versus perceived) practices and their consequences. It focuses on causal links between critical workforce events and behaviors over time.

A component of the ILM analysis is Mercer's ILM map, as seen below. The ILM map summarizes — by career level — important rates and flows of employees. The length of the bars and arrows represents the relative number of individuals. In this way, the ILM map illustrates the shape of the current workforce and the significance of talent flows into, out of, and within the organization.

This site allows you to import your organization's data and create your own ILM map. You can create ILM maps for as many segments of your organization for which you have the data available. The ILM map will help you begin to understand how your organization is changing. To further explore what the ILM map is representing, and to dig deeper to look at the drivers behind the map, we invite you to contact our experts. You will have the opportunity to do so on the following pages.

What is the shape of your workforce?

Do you know what your workforce looks like? What is the size of the inflows of talent, the outflows of talent, and the movement of talent within your internal labor market? Use our new ILM Mapping Tool to create a customized map of your workforce.

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