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Custom Compensation & Benefits Surveys

Our experienced consultants, software, and tools help you align compensation and benefit programs with strategic objectives.

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The right organizations, positions, and data elements are essential

Providing high-quality human resource information has been an integral part of our business for more than 40 years. Around the world and across industries, Mercer conducts more than 700 compensation, benefit, total remuneration, and employee mobility surveys. Jointly we will determine the best terms for our relationship – ranging from conducting a separate survey to leveraging an existing Mercer survey.

Client-sponsored Surveys

Greatest level of client input on all aspects of the survey; often closed to non-participants.

Association surveys

Tailored – association and members provide significant input on participation criteria; usually closed to non-participants.

Special data analysis

Client-requested from existing Mercer data; providing information on specific issues or practices.

Custom Survey elements can be collected across industries and regions to meet your specific needs

Base pay

Base pay is the essential driver of market pricing, while Total Cash Compensation represents prevalence of bonus amounts

Compensation & benefit statistics

Displays data sample size and arranges by percentiles to quickly view the market's low, medium, and high payers

Variable pay

With a shift to rewarding for performance, short- & long-term incentives are an increasingly critical part of the pay package

Policies & practices

Mercer survey reports include detailed information on HR best practices

Achieve diverse goals with our partnership and experience

Associations use Mercer custom surveys to:

  • Add value to their members
  • Stimulate membership and/or revenue
  • Gain exposure for their associates

Organizations use Mercer custom surveys to:

  • Add value to leanly staffed HR departments
  • Gather data not found in other surveys
  • Determine competitive position

Let us go to work for you

Our third party experts, experienced in every aspect of custom survey administration from developing online data collection tools, to promoting survey participation among target groups, through cleaning data submissions, and in helping you understand the results, are ready to partner with you to create the survey just right for your organization's needs.

Our team will help add value to your HR department through the attainment and distribution of safe and reliable data that when necessary follows the Safe Harbor Guidelines (below) established by the US Federal Trade Commission and Department of Labor.

  • The survey must be managed by a third-party
  • The information provided by participants is based on data more than three months old
  • There have to be at least five providers offering data and no individual provider's data should represent more than 25% on a weighted basis of that statistic
  • Any information disseminated must be sufficiently aggregated so participants are not able to identify the compensation paid by any particular provider