Severance Pay Policies Around the World

Policy data that ensures a well-rounded approach to employee departures

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Severance Pay Policies Around the World SKU_8955

No one likes to dwell on lay-offs and terminations, but severance policies are a major component of every HR department’s portfolio. Learn how businesses construct and distribute severance pay to their outgoing employees.

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Differentiate your company from your competitors when saying goodbye to staff

Severance programs offer structure and guidance for HR and affected employees that are leaving an organization, while simultaneously ensuring that they are treated fairly and preparing them to re-enter the job market. This publication breaks down and analyzes global practices for termination and severance pay, offering unprecedented access into how today’s leading organizations handle this sensitive but critical HR area.

Understand statutory and market practice across individual markets

  • Statutory requirements
  • Severance pay policy
  • Notice periods
  • Severance payments
  • Payment formula
  • Outplacement services
  • Covid-19 impact

Did you know 65% of US companies provide outplacement services to employees who receive a severance payout?

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Single market (country) reports are available once minimum participation thresholds are met. The 2017 global and regional Severance Pay Policies report also remain available for purchase. Please contact your local Client Services team for further information.

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Severance Pay Policies Around the World

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