Top 5 reasons to attend a survey results meeting

September 05, 2018

As busy HR professionals, we’re all bogged down in our day-to-day work, particularly at this time of year when we’re involved in annual planning, preparing for performance review and annual increase administration, and a host of other activities. However, there’s something else happening right now —2018 compensation surveys are releasing. Along with the survey release comes meetings to review the results and strategic insights. Many of these meetings are either live via web conference or recorded so that you can access them at your leisure.

Think you don’t have time to attend these survey results meetings? Here are the top 5 reasons why you should make the time:


Snapshot of results — During survey results meetings get a snapshot of the overall survey findings, presented in an efficient way that is interesting and easy to remember, making it easy for you to be able to share information with key stakeholders in your organization.


Identify dramatic changes — Results meetings typically call out any jobs that saw dramatic changes in terms of responses. If a job now has double the number of survey respondents, perhaps that job and those skills are in high demand. Alternatively, if a job sees a significant drop in responses, perhaps that role is no longer “typical” but has morphed into a new job. Being aware of these changes can help you plan strategically for the talent needs in your organization.


Market insights — Gain additional insight on particular topics in rewards or related to your particular industry by listening to subject matter experts present the results.


Hear from peers — Many survey results meetings include an open forum where participants are encouraged to ask questions. Benefit from hearing your peers ask questions or participate in Q&A; sessions yourself, if attending a live event.


Learn from experts — Hearing the survey owner and other experts in the field present the survey findings will oftentimes provide explanation and emphasis that you may not have from simply reviewing the results on your own. After all, the survey owners eat, sleep, and breathe their survey year round. They know what to look for, understand when changes in data signify a trend, and can alert you to changes in talent or rewards that may impact your organization.

Attend a survey results meeting today! View the events schedule for the United States or Canada for a list of survey results meetings and other events coming soon.