Introducing Mercer Job Library

January 09, 2020

Rolled out in 2018, Mercer Job Library features a comprehensive job catalog that provides fast, easy access to more descriptive job content for more accurate job matching and intuitive results analysis.

The mission of Mercer Job Library is to have one job catalog that meets the needs of all Mercer compensation surveys and clients, regardless of industry, organization size, or market. We understand that work is structured differently across different markets. Smaller companies in emerging markets tend to have more hybrid jobs, while large, multi-national organizations in mature markets have more specialized jobs. And we know that organizations are interested in data specific to their industry, but also want to understand the broader marketplace for cross-industry jobs as that best reflects their labor markets. Mercer Job Library meets all these needs.

The innovative Mercer Job Library offers clients an improved experience by providing:

Mercer Job Library features a universal job catalog shared across Mercer’s suite of surveys and geographic locations.

  • A consolidated job catalog: Mercer Job Library features a universal job catalog shared across Mercer’s suite of surveys and geographic locations. For each job listed, the job catalog is designed to align with standard positions in emerging and mature markets, large and small companies, and a host of different industries. Categorically organized within this consolidated catalog of positions are 31 job families, 224 subfamilies, 20 career levels, and 2,600+ specializations.
  • Global consistency with job codes, titles, and descriptions: Gone are the days of matching to different job codes in different markets for the same position. With the new Mercer Job Library you can expect to see fully consistent job codes, titles, and descriptions. Job descriptions have also been enhanced with additional content to help with matching. Mercer Job Library makes it easier for compensation professionals to ensure consistent job matching for all employees.
  • Enhanced job content and leveling: With new aggregated rollups in Mercer Job Library, relationships between jobs are clearer with data that best reflects your jobs and labor markets. From deeply specialized roles within your industry to combinations of related jobs within the broader talent pool, you can analyze competitive compensation levels in your industry, across related industries, or more broadly across the entire labor market for related skills. Descriptions of all levels are refreshed, allowing you to match to more of the levels during compensation survey data submission. With the relationships between jobs well defined, two additional types of jobs will also be calculated from aggregated data: Core Jobs and Mercer Combined Jobs. Core Jobs aggregate all data for the jobs within a subfamily at the same career level while Mercer Combined Jobs consist of any reasonable combination of jobs. Two new executive levels have also been added to Mercer Job Library to better reflect the hierarchies found in some markets. These two new levels are in addition to the current Career Streams and Levels.
  • Streamlined results analysis: The user-friendly setup of Mercer Job Library allows you to quickly and easily locate the most appropriate job alternatives in Mercer WIN® through data rollups wherever insufficient data exists. These additional data rollups, the Core Jobs, provide new ways to understand the diverse labor markets.
  • Improved tech-driven experience: Streamlined data-collection and product-delivery processes are an embedded part of Mercer Job Library’s robust architecture, saving you time and making it easier to find the most relevant data for your unique needs.
  • Helpful training and support: To ensure a smooth transition to Mercer Job Library, a host of webinars and how-to guides with Mercer experts will be available for timely, on-demand learning and insight.

If you’re interested in learning more about Mercer Job Library, you can view a full list of surveys that will be included within the library. In addition, you can gain all the insight you need via an extensive overview of features, FAQs, participation information, and more. Find out all you need to know now to get a head start with this game-changing new job catalog.