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Mercer is one of the largest sources of employer-reported data. Our products span the globe and cross most industries, providing you with robust, relevant data to manage your workforce.

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2023 Mercer Benchmark Database

Pay for jobs today are all moving at different rates. When setting your compensation strategy and budget you need a comprehensive data source to understand those nuances. MBD features pay data for over 6,500 positions.

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HR Quick Reference Reports - US Edition

From designing compensation packages to managing the benefits you offer, get the data you need in this complete library of resources on pay, benefits, turnover, and more.

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Global Compensation Planning Report

Information on salary increases, economic indicators, mandatory pay schemes, and more for over 140 markets.

Geographic Salary Differential

Ensure you’re paying competitively across all your locations with data for over 2,200 US locations.

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How to make return-to-office work for employers and employees

Employers are facing a conundrum; they want people back in the office, but employees are resisting. So what do you do? Learn more about making RTO a positive experience, including a quick, easy way to hear directly from your employees to gain the meaningful insight you need.