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What is Market Value Services

Mercer's Market Value Services — the process of determining competitive pay levels for specific jobs in a defined external market. Our service offers you a unique avenue to customise salary solutions for your employees in the region.

Thousands of clients have used our market value services to tailor salaries for individual jobs or specific market sectors and industries. Working with our analyst to define what is important for the job, we help you price a job or a position in your industry. We are a reliable and quality information provider as we have access to the world's largest salary database. Combined with our extensive knowledge of the marketplace, we are the definitive salary information source.

You can use market pricing when:

  • your organisation requires one-off reports based on specific criteria.

  • you require information on positions not covered in the survey(s) to which you subscribe.

The analysis we do for you is of high quality as the job is priced by an experienced analyst who has instant access to Mercer’s indepth remuneration database.

Our reports are available in electronic copies. We take 3 working days for 2-3 positions and 5 working days for anything above 4-6 positions.


Please contact us for more information on pricing.

Discount policy:

for 3-8 positions: 5%
for 9-14 positions: 10%
for 15-20 positions: 15%
for over 21 positions: 20%

This service is available only to organisations. We do not provide this information to individuals for their personal use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is there a need for MVS?
A: The service helps you assess the competitiveness of your organisation’s pay levels relative to others competing for the same human resource talent. The salary information also provides a foundation for the development of your salary structures.

Q: Can I choose from a selected group of companies to do my comparison?
A: Yes, a minimum 10 companies are needed to do the comparison. However if there is insufficient data for the job(s), we will extract information from Mercer’s All Industries database instead.

Q: Can I have the raw data instead?
A: Due to confidentiality clauses, Mercer does not release raw salary data to our clients. To maintain confidentiality of all our data, we require a minimum number of cases to be able to provide statistics for a variable. For example, in order for the 10th and 90th percentiles to be displayed, we require five organisations reporting at least 10 cases to arrive at the variable.

Q: Can I have the list of companies that the position is matched to?
A: We cannot provide the list of companies from which the positions are matched. However we can provide you the list of participants for the industry from which the data/positions are extracted from.

Q: What is Mercer's IPE (International Position Evaluation)?
A: The International Position Evaluation is a tool for organisation analysis. It helps clarify relativities among positions. It is complimentary, not an alternative, to competency assessment and performance management. By utilising position evaluation as well as tools for competency assessment and performance management, an organisation is able to build a highly effective, integrated and balanced approach to human resources management.

Q: How was IPE Version 3 developed and tested for validity?
A: IPE has been used by thousands of companies both as the basis for their grading structure and as a means to market norms for compensation. IPE has proven to be an accurate predictor of market value for base salary in surveys conducted worldwide. The validity of IPE Version 3 as a measure of market worth has been tested using data from numerous surveys prior to its launch. Those tests have shown that the IPE system continues to be an accurate measurement criterion for predicting market value in terms of compensation.

Q: What typical benefits information can I get for the positions I am looking for?
A: Currently Asia collects prevalence information for various types of benefit plans. There are four employee categories – Top Management, Management, Professional and Staff level. For example, the data will show you the percentage of organisation that will offer car allowances to the professional sales staff. The benefits items include company car provided, car allowances, loans, health benefits, insurance, retirement plan, club membership, among others.

Q: Can your data be aged?
A: Yes, we use the salary increase figure which is collected from our Total Remuneration Survey report. We then apply an appropriate aging factor for the industry and the type of position being benchmarked. However, we do not recommend aging data that is over 18 months.

Q: What is the format that the MVS will be reported in?
A: A screen shot of the sample report is attached. The report will be delivered in softcopy (pdf format) to the client.

Q: How long does a job pricing take?
A: Upon receipt of your confirmation to proceed with the project, you can expect delivery of the report within 3 working days for 2-3 positions or 5 working days for anything above 4-6 positions.

Q: Am I able to price a position outside of Asia region?
A: Yes. All GIS regions offer market value services. The cost of the project, the compensation elements priced and the report format will vary depending on local databases and pay practices. The Regional GIS – Asia contact can put you in touch with the appropriate local MVS co-ordinator directly. You may prefer this approach if you have a multi-country pricing project.

Q: What kind of information do you require before market pricing a position?
A: We require specific information which you need to fill in a form. The form covers all the essential information that we need to undertake the job pricing. View the electronic form. Once we receive the request, our analyst will contact you to confirm details of the pricing and to make sure we understand the position to be benchmarked and any other special needs.

Q: Do you have a bulk discount policy?
A: Bulk discounts will be determined on a case by case basis.

Q: What is the difference between MVS and TRS?
A: Total Remuneration Survey is cost-effective for an organisation which has 20 employees or more. It provides company trendline and deviation reports to enable a company to position itself against the market. TRS covers over 200 actual market data based on All Industries survey report. Market Value services is a reference compensation data for the specific position benchmarked whereby the report is based on specific positions. The position we are pricing is based on actual market data which is extracted from the compensation segment of Mercer’s TRS database.


For any query, please contact us at or +65 6327 5377.

Asia Technical Support: 65 6398 2625 or Product Information: 65 6398 2800
Australia/NZ 1800 645 186 (Sydney) +61 2 8864 6800 (International) / 0508 645 186 (Auckland) +64 9 984 3500 (International)
Canada 1-800-333-3070
China +86 10 6533 4300
Europe 48 22 434 5383 (Warsaw)
Latin America 54 11 4000 4081 (Argentina)
United States Customer Service: 1-800-333-3070 or 1-502-560-8290 Software Helpdesk: 1-800-866-7474 or 1-502-561-8995
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