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Organizations increasingly rely on HR departments to help them gather and interpret information required for decisions that affect the bottom line. Through its HR IQ® Services, Mercer can help you increase your human capital intelligence and become a strategic partner with:
  • The most comprehensive and reliable information to help you understand the competitive landscape for pay, benefits, and other key human capital metrics
  • Analytical tools to assist you in translating that information into intelligence

Benefits Information

Benefits features and values from 1,000+ US organizations
Learn how your benefits stack up against those of your competitors and target the necessary adjustments. 
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Compensation Management Co-sourcing

Data management, compensation planning, and software solutions
A range of Mercer compensation co-sourcing services helps organizations improve performance and maximize investments.
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Compensation Data 

Benchmarking data on 17 million employees from over 6,000 organizations
Market data is the most critical information you have to shape human capital decisions affecting the bottom line.

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Consulting Services

Expert advice on broad array of human capital issues
Mercer helps clients understand, develop, implement, and quantify the effectiveness of their human capital programs and policies.

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