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  • The Workforce Planning Acceleration Program offers a concise, pragmatic approach to workforce planning, designed to help answer an organization’s most pressing talent questions.

    The program is designed including two core components and an optional accelerator:

    Core components:

    • The Assessment phase helps clients understand and define their current workforce planning environment, including identifying critical roles and workforce segments and defining a Return on Investment (ROI) methodology.
    • The Detailed Design phase helps clients design a clear plan to execute and optimize their workforce planning process.


    • Mercer recommends that clients review their workforce planning data to create a Workforce Supply Risk Report (a fact-based overview of current workforce supply and critical risk areas).

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    With our Workforce Planning Acceleration Program, you can:

    • Obtain a quick understanding of where you are in your workforce planning journey.
    • Identify your critical roles and jobs and learn how to define them.
    • Have a common ROI methodology to measure and communicate results against plan.
    • Support the execution of your organization’s workforce planning process.
    • Plan for continued development and improvement of your workforce planning process.
    • Confidently identify and discuss workforce planning issues and opportunities within your organization.


    Two days of consulting support to assess the current workforce planning environment and consider key strategies to meet business needs, including a one-day workshop to help you:

    • Assess your current workforce planning approach and its effectiveness.
    • Identify critical roles or job segments and their impact on future business success.
    • Define an ROI methodology to suit your situation.
    • Two days of consulting support to develop one-time and ongoing processes associated with workforce planning, including a one-day workshop to help you:
      • Examine the key steps in the workforce planning process and the activities that take place in each.
      • Review a case study to help practice those activities.
      • Outline a workforce planning pilot for a critical role or job segment.

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    Data Collected

    Asia Pacific:
    Dion Groeneweg

    Ephraim Spehrer-Patrick

    Europe, Middle East, Africa:
    Julia Howes

    North America:
    Matthew Stevenson


    Assessment/Detailed Design- $35,000

    Optional accelerator- $40,000

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    Workforce Planning Acceleration Program

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    • Short DescriptionA concise, pragmatic approach to workforce planning, designed to help answer an organization’s most pressing talent questions.
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