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  • Mercer’s Workforce Analytics and Planning Workshop series is designed to put organizations in the best possible position to effectively convert workforce data into meaningful insights that will help the business succeed well into the future. The workshops help accelerate HR’s strategic partnership with the business through the use of fact-based analytics and decision-making.

    The Workforce Analytics and Planning Workshop series is ideal for any organization regardless of whether your organization is thinking about launching an analytics program, have already started a program, or have significant experience with analytics and planning.

    In these one-day workshops, attendees learn how to fundamentally change the way workforce data influences human capital decision-making and planning. Mercer experts share knowledge and tools that HR and corporate management teams can immediately apply, and courses can be tailored to your organization’s unique issues or embedded within existing corporate university curriculum.

    Each full-day workshop includes:

    • Interactive exercises
    • Templates
    • Worksheets
    • Case studies
    • Action plans
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    How can you benefit from the Workforce Analytics and Planning Workshop series?

    • Become more of a strategic partner with the business through the use of fact-based analytics.
    • Create a coordinated Workforce Analytics and Planning approach between the business and HR.
    • Ensure that the critical skills and capabilities are in place to be successful in the future by launching a workforce planning initiative.


    Mercer's workshop series includes:

    • Moving from Data Smog to Cloud 9: Assembling a relevant data engine. Help clients understand the path to take to elevate their workforce analytics to workforce intelligence. Assess their organization's readiness and determine how to establish the foundation of a data engine (required information to analyze and track people-related metrics) that cuts through the data smog and helps illuminate answers to critical people issues. Understand how to identify common pitfalls in building a data engine and create an action plan for overcoming those obstacles.
    • Workforce Metrics and Analytics: Driving business results with data. Help clients to obtain the knowledge and resources they need to kick start their workforce metrics and analytics journey, interpret an Internal Labor Market map and speak confidently about issues and best practices with regards to metrics, dashboards and analytics. Achieve power storytelling with data and overcome obstacles to implementing metrics and analytics.
    • Strategic Workforce Planning: Defining and fulfilling business requirements. Helps clients learn how to effectively launch a strategic workforce planning process and work toward achieving long-term success. Identify the key steps in the strategic workforce planning process; practice and apply key activities that take place in each step of the process. Identify where and how to use analytics, who should own each step and their responsibilities. Key factors for building workforce planning capability and how to phase it in.
    • Workforce Analytics and Planning Execution: Building a center of expertise. Helps clients understand the role of HR in Workforce Analytics and Planning, and the importance of a coordinated approach between the business and HR. Learn how to develop and implement a plan for building an analytics and planning Center of Expertise (COE).

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    Mercer offers two formats for the workshops:

    Public workshop:
    Flat rate USD 800 per participant per organization with additional fee for added participants (up to 20 participants)

    Private workshop:
    In-house workshop at USD 12,500 (up to 15 participants) / USD 5,000 Flat rate for up to 10 additional participants

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    Workforce Analytics & Planning Workshops

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