UK Oilfield Engineering & Contracting

UK Oilfield Engineering and Contracting

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The UK Oilfield Engineering & Contracting survey provides comparative information on pay and benefits for executives, management, professionals and para-professionals across 13 different technical, commercial and support job families amongst the engineering, contracting and services companies in the UK oil industry.

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As a participant, you will receive access to market data on the different components of total remuneration in the UK oilfield services market. The components of total remuneration analysed include base salary, allowances, bonuses, long-term incentives and benefits..

Participants receive two editions of the survey, delivered online through Mercer WIN®, Mercer´s online data reporting and analytics tool which is accessible anywhere, at anytime. Fully customize searches and statistics according to your individual needs, and receive instant comparisons of your organization's data against the market.

There are currently over 30 organisations subscribed to this survey.

Other data

The statistics include a valuation of long-term incentives and benefits for each survey job. Total remuneration data is collected for employees based in Aberdeen, London / South East and Other locations.

Detailed prevalence reports are also provided for company information, short-term incentives, long-term incentives and benefits.

A year on year salary trend report is also included as standard.

Customised analysis by location, peer group, etc. is available using the Mercer WIN® reporting tool.

Expert advice

Mercer consultants, who are experienced with specialised energy data, work closely with participating organisations when collecting and analysing data and provide assistance in the job-matching process.

Data submission made easy

To subscribe to the UK Oilfield Engineering & Contracting survey, your organisation must contribute specified data. Mercer provides a questionnaire in a pre-formatted spreadsheet that simplifies data submission for you. All raw data submitted remains confidential. When you participate again, relevant parts of the questionnaire will be pre-completed for you, to minimise the input of your time and resources.

Participant list

To see a full participant list, please contact Ajbir Dosanjh.

Job matching booklet

To see a list of the survey jobs covered by the survey, please contact Ajbir Dosanjh.

2018 survey schedule

  • Questionnaire Distributed – April 3
  • Participation Deadline – May 25
  • Data Effective Date – April 1
  • Publication date – August

Contact information

For information about the survey, participation, and general benchmarking questions, please contact Ajbir Dosanjh at: or on +44 20 7178 7469.
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  • Short DescriptionProvides comparative information on pay and benefits for executives, management, professionals and para-professionals.
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