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Design the right approach to achieving success

Design the right approach to achieving success

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The engineering industry is dramatically changing. Companies are utilizing big data and artificial intelligence (AI) for process automation and leveraging new tech to be able to design projects remotely. You can see why your workforce probably looks different than before. We have the data and insights to help you set the right compensation strategies, develop tactics that keep your existing workforce engaged, and plan effectively for the future.

Evaluating your pay strategy

Focusing on what matters most to your existing workforce is key to your company's success. Mercer has data and insights that can help you assess your current workforce, define the right compensation strategies, and strategically plan for what’s ahead.

Listening to your people

Employee engagement is key to leading with empathy, which is a top concern for employers, according to Mercer’s Global Talent Trends report. But employee engagement is not a one-size-fits-all approach. And deploying an engagement survey is not the first step. Take a look at engagement tools that can help you get the best out of your brightest by listening to your employees.

Refreshing your policies

Do your policies and practices need a revamp given how quickly the world of work has changed? Mercer’s reports cover that and more, such as relocation, compensation administration, paid time off, flexible working, and benefits and perks. All go into creating an employee value proposition that supports your talent strategy. Find the information you need today.

Making tough decisions

When making difficult choices related to layoffs, furloughs and hours-cuts, it’s important to remember that how your organization treats departing employees has a lasting impact on your employer brand. Get the tools you need to handle these tough decisions gracefully and be conscientious of your impacted employees’ well-being.