Domestic Relocation Policies and Practices Survey

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Relocating employees from one location to another is an exciting, yet complicated process. Making sure that the employee is properly incentivized to make the move is important. It is equally important to ensure that the move is fair in comparison to prior employee relocations, is competitive with the market at large, and is in line with company budgets.

The Domestic Relocation Policies and Practices Survey addresses key elements of an employee relocation program and provides you with benchmark data to create a program that aligns to your talent strategy. Included in the survey are details on the issues involved in transferring an employee from low-cost to high-cost locations and other talent mobility areas centered around the relocation process.

Three main policy types are covered in the survey: Standard (Core) Policies, Flex Policies, and Lump Sum Policies.

Specific policy topics founds within the survey include:

  • Exceptions
  • Home sale and purchase
  • Lease cancellation
  • Spousal career assistance
  • Tax assistance
  • Temporary living
  • Transportation and storage of household goods
  • And more
Ensure your relocation policy is up-to-date so you can move employees where you need them, with confidence and ease

Participation open: July - August

Results publish: November

2022 results available

  • 304 organizations
  • CAD 750 - 7,500
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Product Details

Survey Statistics

  • # Organizations: 304

Based on data from the 2022 Domestic Relocation Policies and Practices Survey

Data Analyzed

  • Consumer Goods
  • Life Sciences
  • Banking/Financial Services
  • Energy
  • High Tech
  • Mining & Metals
  • Non-Financial Services
  • Other Durable Goods
  • Other Non-Durable Goods
  • Other Non-Manufacturing
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Fortune 500
  • Fortune 1000

Position Families Analyzed

  • Core Policy Provisions
  • Lump Sum Approaches
  • Core Flex Policies
  • Program Demographics
  • Policy Segmentation
  • Tax Assistance
  • Home Sale and Purchase Assistance
  • Lease Cancellation
  • Home Finding Trip
  • Temporary Living
  • Final Move Relocation Travel Expenses
  • Duplicate Housing Assistance
  • Spousal Career Assistance
  • Miscellaneous Relocation Allowance
  • Cost of Living Allowances, Mortgage Differentials and Rental Subsidies
  • Exceptions
  • Repayment Agreements

And, if you need even more insights, custom cuts are also available. A custom cut of the Domestic Relocation Policies and Practices Survey allows you to select a minimum of eight participating organizations for a more specialized look. Please contact us to purchase a custom cut of the survey.

Survey results are delivered in a published PDF format to your account under My Downloads.


Product Participant Non-Participant
2022 Domestic Relocation Policies and Practices Survey – National Report CAD 750 CAD 2,250
2022 Domestic Relocation Policies and Practices Survey – Industry Cut CAD 1,500 CAD 4,500
2022 Domestic Relocation Policies and Practices Survey – Custom Cut CAD 5,000 CAD 7,500

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Domestic Relocation Policies and Practices Survey

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  • To purchase a custom cut of the survey, please contact us. At that time we will help you select the organizations to include within your report cut (minimum of 8 organizations required).
  • Reports are not available for purchase by companies using Mercer data for consulting services or commercial purposes.

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Participating companies

View the list of participating companies in the 2022 Domestic Relocation Policies & Practices Survey here.

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