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Survey data to help you confidently make informed decisions for your global workforce

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The challenges employers are facing vary across the world. Understanding the shifting labor market, compensation planning nuances, and variety of pay levels for even the same job due to local supply and demand of labor is more important than ever.

When it comes to rewards today, employers are looking beyond salary (base pay), at the whole picture. While the importance of pay will never go away, employees are seeking more when looking to pick, or even choosing to stay with an organization.

Get the insights and data you need today to build the right total reward strategies for your organization, wherever you're doing business, for now and into the future.

Total Remuneration Surveys (TRS)

Efficiently compare your jobs to compensation and benefits data in over 140 countries. Mercer’s TRS surveys make it easy to apply your compensation strategy by using consistent data definitions and methodology. Take some of the stress out of your global compensation management.


Has your boss asked you to help them come up with a market value, maybe to make a job offer, for a unique role in the organization? You don’t have time to access a whole new survey to cover just this job - you need data quickly to provide advice today. MarketPricer is you answer! Get instant access to global compensation data for an individual job with this self-service online job-pricing tool.

Global Compensation Planning Report

Gain insight into salary increases and economic data impacting the labor market for the previous, current, and upcoming years to help you budget and plan accordingly, no matter where in the world you operate.

Global Pay Summary Report

Looking to get an understanding of the difference in labor costs around the world? Maybe you are primarily located in one country but have a few core roles spread out in multiple countries. Get concise pay data on global salary trends for 50 benchmark positions across 10 job families in more than 100 countries. Data insights into annual base salary and annual total cash are included

Incentives around the World

While common place in North America, the emphasis on incentives and payout levels vary depending on where you are in the globe. With information on short-term, sales, and long-term incentives, you will gain perspective on which of these incentives are commonly offered and how payouts differ by career level.

Mercer | Comptryx

Designed for technology-focused companies, this 4-in-1 global benchmarking tool provides global pay data and workforce metrics helping you analyze gender wage gaps, hiring rates, promotions, and more. Give your company an edge in the new age of work.

Global Compensation Drivers

Using a single global standard of comparison and multiple-variable analysis, this product ensures your team has the edge in understanding the key factors, and demographic variables that stand apart and influence pay. Learn what drives differences in pay and discover the market differentials for each of the key drivers.

Talent All Access® Portal

Access the latest global HR data, insights, tools, calculators, podcasts, and more all in one place for simplified decision-making