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Establish the right standards and expectations for managing your unique workforce

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From overtime policies to flexible work programs to sign-on bonus requirements, there's a lot to consider when dealing with HR policies and practices. With so many factors to consider, leveraging the right data points to inform a solid strategy will help you to keep your policies functioning optimally, and attracting top talent.

Ensure your management approach to day-to-day operations are clear, consistent, and relevant using Mercer’s surveys and reports around key policies and practices.

Compensation Policies & Practices Survey

Go beyond the pay cheque to explore other areas of employee compensation, such as overtime rules, perquisites, work arrangements, and much more, to take your compensation strategy to the next level.

Contact Center & Customer Service Policy Survey

Learn how policy elements within a contact or customer service center, such as flexible scheduling, career development, and talent management, impact not only your employees, but also the clients they service.

Global Compensation Planning Report

Gain insight into salary increase budgets and economic data for the previous, current, and upcoming years to ensure that your budgets remain on trend, no matter where in the world you operate.

Mercer/Gartner IT Jobs & Skills Survey

Secure the critical technical talent your organization needs with insights into skills premiums, retention bonuses, sign-on bonuses, and more for the hottest jobs and skills in IT.

Severance Pay Policies Around the World

Learn how businesses construct and distribute severance pay to their outgoing employees with insights on global practices for termination and severance pay.

Transportation policies

Times have changed, but the value of car and transportation benefits to your employees has not. In this report, review car policies, public transportation assistance, rewards for choosing green methods, and more.

Parental leave policies

Parental leave is now a common organizational policy that applies to birth monthers, fathers, and, in some cases, same-sex couples and adoptive parents. Ensure your policies account for the most up-to-date leave benefits provided to parents as well as ensure they meet statutory minimums.

Vacation and other leave policies

Help craft or enhance your leave policy with data on annual policies, including vacation days, personal days, holidays, sick leave, and paid time-off pools, as well as other leave policies, like bereavement, volunteer time, sabbaticals, and more.

Talent All Access® Portal – Canada Edition

With this portal, get access to our best-selling library of reports, data, and insights on all HR topics, such as pay data, benefits data, policy insights, and more.