Ensure the strength of your value proposition remains in place even as employees exit

Ensure the strength of your value proposition remains in place even as employees exit

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a talent pool that comes equipped not only with the skills you need, but the institutional knowledge as well? It is possible.

Whether people are leaving voluntarily, involuntarily, or retiring from your company, those former employees can, in many cases, be a great source of talent for you in the future. But, that means you have to leave a lasting impression with your departing employees that delivers on the promise of your employee value proposition. Regardless if the separation occurred through a reduction-in-force or is the employee’s choice, ensure the experience is handled with care in a fair, legal, and respectful manner. Protect your reputation, even in difficult times.

Mercer’s turnover, retirement, outplacement, and severance products are just what you need to ensure the final step in the employee lifecycle remains true to your value proposition while also caring for your company’s social brand.

Not sure where to start or what you need? Please contact us to discuss any of the transition products available or to review exit surveys, custom services, and more to meet your unique employee departure needs.

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