HR Quick Reference Reports – Canada Edition

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Finding answers to HR’s most pressing questions is made easier with Mercer’s HR Quick Reference Reports – Canada Edition. You can quickly access the HR data and reports you need on benefits, compensation, salary increases, general policies and practices, workforce movement, and more.

Powered by Talent All Access®, this curated selection of 20+ key reports gives you access to:

  • Compensation and salary information using data refreshed several times throughout the year
  • Turnover reports, including industry insights
  • Workforce movement reports to help monitor employee movement trends in, out, and within companies
  • Statutory and supplemental benefits reports to keep you compliant and competitive
  • Geographic salary differentials for evaluating cost of labor and what that might mean to your bottom-line
Save over 50% when you subscribe to the HR Quick Reference Reports – Canada Edition versus purchasing each report individually.


20+ reports included
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CAD 6,300

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  • Compensation and Salary Increases
  • Benefits
  • Policies and Practices
  • Workforce Turnover and Analytics


HR Quick Reference Reports – Canada Edition, powered by Talent All Access® CAD 6,300

Subscription includes access for up to 5 users and expires 12 months from the original date of purchase.

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HR Quick Reference Reports – Canada Edition

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CAD 6,300.00

CAD 6,300.00

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Compensation and Salary Increases

With your subscription, you always have access to the latest compensation and salary increase reports:

  • Compensation Policies and Practices report
  • Geographic Salary Differential Tool
  • Global Compensation Drivers (Canada Edition)
  • Global Compensation Planning (Canada Edition)
  • Global Pay Summary (Canada Edition)
  • Hourly and Low-Wage Workforce Report
  • Incentives Around the World (Canada Edition)
  • Incentive Plan Design
  • Mercer QuickPulseTM Compensation Planning Survey
  • New Graduate and Generation Z Compensation Survey


Proactively manage your approach with the latest benefits data and insights found in these reports:

  • Inclusive Benefits
  • Leave Programs
  • Transportation Policies & Costs
  • Worldwide Benefit & Employment Guidelines (Canada Edition)

Policies and Practices

Gain insight into policies and practices on different aspects of HR management with key insights from these reports included in your subscription:

  • Domestic Relocation Policies & Practices
  • Flexible Working Policies & Practices Survey

Workforce Turnover and Analytics

Evaluate employee movement trends and be proactive with talent retention planning with these reports:

  • Severance Pay Policies (Canada Edition)
  • Turnover Survey (Canada Edition)
  • Workforce Metrics
  • Workforce Movement (Canada Edition)
  • Sub TitlePowered by Talent All Access® to give you the HR analytics you need for actionable insights
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  • Short DescriptionPowered by Talent All Access® to give you quick access to a curated selection of 20+ key reports for Canadian organizations.
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