Enrich your rewards structure to drive the annual and long-term results you want

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As more and more employers adjust their compensation strategy and pay mix, more emphasis is being placed on short-term incentives to reward for performance. A successful incentive program starts with selecting the right performance measures for your organization and establishing the right correlation between success and payout. Whether you’re looking for long-term, short-term, or sales incentive information, we have the data you need to develop incentive plans that will engage and motivate your employees.

Incentive Plan Design

Assess key design elements of your short-term or sales incentive program, including plan eligibility, funding mechanisms, payout formula options, and more, to make sure your plan is designed to steer your company towards the outcomes you need.

Short-term Incentive Report

Establish an appropriate emphasis on short-term goals and objectives by forming the right mix of base pay and short-term incentives. Use comprehensive data from Mercer to compare total cash compensation, STI target percentage, STI eligibility and more.

Long-term Incentive & Equity Report

Evaluate your LTI program with this report, derived from the Mercer Benchmark Database, to ensure an optimal connection to long-term performance, engagement and retention, and rewards.

Incentives Around the World

Understand how your incentives compare across 97 markets. Providing eligibility along with target and actual information for short-term, long-term and sales incentives.