International assignments

Ensure your international assignments are mutually beneficial for both your organization and your employees

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As most multinational employers will attest, successfully navigating a global economy and deploying workers internationally is increasingly complex and expensive. But when running a global mobility program, employers must pay close attention to geographies and cultures in light of business needs and objectives as well as the employee experience.

Supporting your assignees while building a strong expatriate program starts with ensuring you have the right means in place. From providing learning tools before your employees leave, to apps for use while they’re on assignment, our insights will help you balance the need to attract employees while keeping cost containment in mind. Offering a diverse selection of tools for assignees, reports for program managers, and consulting services, let us help you find the right fit for your program.

Assignee Tools

Preparing assignees and families for their business trips and time abroad is crucial to running a successful program. Ensure you have the right resources — country-specific training courses, tips and checklists, pre-assignment assessments, and more — to safeguard a positive experience for your expatriates.


Sending people abroad can be costly, both for the organization and the employee. Having precise information on costs — housing, taxes, cost of living, and hardships — is important to encouraging assignment acceptance and organizational profitability.

Compensation Localizer

Calculate local pay for your international employees with ease. With mobility and local market compensation data in one place, analyze the difference between taxes, housing expenses, and costs of goods and services in your current and proposed locations.

Mobility Management Platform

Mobility programs have several moving parts. From mitigating risk to simplifying workflows, this platform gives you the technology and guidance to keep up with this ever-evolving juggling act and to help you manage your mobility program with ease.