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Best-Seller: Mercer Benchmark Database
Accurate, reliable compensation data for 4,700+ positions common across industries — executives, sales, and more.
Participation Open: Domestic Relocation
Address key elements of a relocation program with 360 participating companies and 17 policy topics across 5 employee segments.
Hot Topic: Mercer/ Gartner Information Technology Survey
Salary data for 1,000+ positions in the most in-demand areas of IT to help you keep pace in this ever changing field.
Canada Compensation Planning Survey
Canada Compensation Policies & Practices
Canada Contact Centre & Customer Service Compensation Survey Participation Open
Canada Contact Centre & Customer Service Policy Survey Participation Open
Canada EHRA | Engineering Human Resources Association Compensation Survey
Canada Geographic Salary Differential Tool
Canada Hotel Industry Compensation Survey Participation Open
Canada Incentive Plan Design
Canada MBD: Corporate Services and Human Resources Compensation Participation Open
Canada MBD: Engineering and Design Participation Open
Canada MBD: Executive Compensation Survey Participation Open
Canada MBD: Executive, Management, and Professional Compensation Survey Participation Open
Canada MBD: Finance, Accounting, and Legal Participation Open
Canada MBD: Logistics and Supply Chain Participation Open
Canada MBD: Long-Term Incentive and Equity Report Participation Open
Canada MBD: Manufacturing and Operations Participation Open
Canada MBD: Mercer Benchmark Database Participation Open
Canada MBD: Mercer/Gartner Information Technology Survey Participation Open
Canada MBD: Sales, Marketing, and Communications Participation Open
Canada MBD: Short-Term Incentive Report Participation Open
Canada Mercer | OSPE National Engineering Compensation Survey
Canada Mercer Turnover Survey
Canada Millennial Perks Survey
Canada MTCS: Mercer Total Compensation Survey for the Energy Sector
Canada New Graduate Pay and Student Hiring Rates Survey
Canada OMCS | Ontario Municipal Compensation Survey
Canada Retail Compensation and Benefits Survey
Canada Retail Compensation and Benefits Survey – Restaurant Industry
Domestic Relocation Cost Comparisons
Domestic Relocation Policies and Practices Survey Participation Open
Mercer Life Sciences
Mercer New and Fast Moving Jobs Survey
North America Mercer/Gartner IT Jobs & Skills Survey: Building the IT Workforce of the Future
North America Mining Industry Survey Suite
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Make compensation planning easier

The Canada Compensation Planning Survey delivers the most all-inclusive compensation data to show you how the current economic conditions are impacting numerous industries, geographic regions, and compensation plans.

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