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Mercer Newsletter: June 2020



moving forward

Virtually every organization is facing a new path forward—but that doesn’t mean everyone is at the same stage of the journey.

Whether you’re making tough decisions, rethinking your strategy or identifying new needs, you can count on Mercer for products, tools and insights to accommodate your unique situation.

Make informed decisions with reliable survey data

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Developing your new game plan

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Show your employees you have their back

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The latest compensation planning insights

The questions you might be asking yourself now, and the data that has the answers, probably aren’t the same as six months ago. That’s why Mercer has created a series of pulse surveys relevant to the current landscape.

Get the data on:

  • how budgets were set prior to and after the COVID-19 outbreak
  • budget adjustments that were made during the outbreak
  • increase budgets

View the results from the May Compensation Planning Survey here.

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