Canada MTCS: Mercer Total Compensation Survey for the Energy Sector

Compensation insights to succeed in a changing industry

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Canada MTCS: Mercer Total Compensation Survey for the Energy Sector SKU_8617

Societal pressures and the pandemic have forced even the most traditional industries – such as oil and gas – to quickly adapt to changing working models, creating a new set of challenges for HR. Understanding what jobs are critical, new skills needed, and attracting and retaining the employees capable of filling them is more important than ever. Position your organization for the future and spend your energy sector salary budget wisely with a data-backed compensation strategy that helps you secure the people you need across the Canada energy industry.

Assess your competitive market position with data from the Canada MTCS | Mercer Total Compensation Survey for the Energy Sector. Ensure you have the right compensation package for your current and future employees, with compensation data for 1,510 positions from more than 200 organizations across the country. Analyze the data by job scope, size of company, and across sectors of the energy value chain, such as:

  • Energy mining
  • Exploration and production
  • Gas utilities
  • Midstream/pipelines
Are you ready to redefine your compensation strategy?

Participation open: March – April

Data effective: April 1

Results publish: September

2023 Results Available

  • 1,510 positions published
  • CAD 2,000 – 15,140

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Product Details

Survey Statistics

Survey Statistics

  • # Positions Surveyed: 3,993
  • # Positions Published: 1,510
  • # Organizations: 211
  • # Observations: 108,825

Based on data from the 2023 Canada MTCS: Mercer Total Compensation Survey for the Energy Industry. Data minimum and suppression rules account for the difference between the number of positions surveyed and published.

Data Analyzed

Position families Analyzed

  • Administration, facilities & secretarial
  • Communications & corporate affairs
  • Construction
  • Customer service & contact center operations
  • Drilling, exploration & operations
  • Energy generation & supply
  • Engineering & science
  • Finance
  • General management
  • Healthcare/pharmacy services
  • Human resources

  • IT, telecom & internet
  • Legal, compliance & audit
  • Production & skilled trades
  • Project/program management
  • Quality management
  • Real estate management, property development & investment
  • Retail
  • Sales, marketing & product management
  • Supply chain
  • Trading & dealing

Career streams anayzed

  • Executive
  • Management

  • Para-professional
  • Professional


This survey is powered by Mercer Job Library. Learn more or view Mercer Job Library FAQs for more details. Survey results are delivered in Mercer WIN® , giving you access to the data through a variety of customizable parameters.


2023 Canada MTCS – All Modules Participants
Modules Included: General Benchmark, Cross Segment, Upstream / Midstream, Downstream and Oilfield Services, Utilities and Renewable Energy, Field and Hourly, and Energy Trading
CAD 15,140
2023 Canada MTCS – Core Modules  
General Benchmark + Cross Segment
CAD 6,200
2023 CA MTCS – Individual Modules  
2023 Canada MTCS Field / Hourly
CAD 2,000
2023 Canada MTCS Field Site Policy
CAD 2,000
2023 Canada MTCS Utilities and Renewable Energy
CAD 2,000
2023 Canada MTCS Downstream and Oilfield Servicing
CAD 2,000
2023 Canada MTCS Energy Trading
CAD 2,000
2023 Canada MTCS Upstream / Midstream
CAD 2,000

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Canada MTCS: Mercer Total Compensation Survey for the Energy Sector

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  • This survey is available to participants only.
  • Survey purchase includes access for three (3) users. Additional users may be added during checkout for CAD 220 each per module/survey.
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Position List & Sample Report

Position List

View the position list and descriptions included in this Canada energy industry salary survey.

Sample Report

View a sample report of this survey for a glimpse at what’s included.

2023 Survey Participation

Participation is now closed. The act of submitting data to a survey is known as survey participation and your company is then viewed as a participant. Survey participation is open to all organizations and is not required to purchase results.


Key Dates:

  • Participation opens March 1, 2023
  • Participation closes May 4, 2023

Why should you participate?

  • Align your pay to the market
  • Maximize your budget by making informed decisions to ensure you are not overpaying or underpaying
  • Receive invitations to exclusive participant-only events
Product Participant Non-Participant
2023 Canada MTCS: All Modules (10) CAD 15,140 N/A
2023 Canada MTCS: Core Modules CAD 6,200 N/A
2023 Canada MTCS: Downstream and Oilfield Servicing CAD 2,000 N/A
2023 Canada MTCS: Energy Trading CAD 2,000 N/A
2023 Canada MTCS: Field / Hourly CAD 2,000 N/A
2023 Canada MTCS: Field Site Policy CAD 2,000 N/A
2023 Canada MTCS Utilities and Renewable Energy CAD 2,000 N/A

To learn more about how you can become a participant, please contact us.

Participating Companies

View a list of the participating companies included in this report here.

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  • Participation Start Date03/01/2023
  • Participation End Date05/04/2023
  • Sub TitleCompensation insights to succeed in a changing industry
  • RegionEnglish-Canada
  • Short DescriptionAlign your compensation strategy with today’s energy market.
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