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Unlock a high-performance culture

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The nature of work is changing. Assessing the employee experience and creating an environment in which employees thrive, even in the face of change, is critical to organizational success. Thriving employees are engaged in their work — they are committed, they are contributing, and they are captivated.

As specialists in organizational research, Mercer | Sirota has advisory capabilities and technologies that span all aspects of the employee experience, including engagement, team effectiveness, leadership and culture. Combined with sophisticated analytics and data mining tools, we can help you get real-time insights from your data. Identify where leaders, employees, strategy and culture are misaligned, uncover hidden factors that drive performance, and support positive change.

Let us go to work for you! Please contact us for more information on key engagement services available, including:

  • On-boarding surveys
  • Employee exit surveys
  • Company culture surveys
  • Multi-rater surveys for development
  • Total rewards surveys
  • Conjoint surveys for rewards preferences
  • Custom engagement surveys and consulting
  • Virtual, online focus groups
  • Linkage analysis of engagement data to outcomes
  • Workshops, training, and coaching
  • Sub TitleUnlock a high-performance culture
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