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Getting the best out of your brightest employees is simple — all you have to do is listen

Getting the best out of your brightest employees is simple — all you have to do is listen

Companies are facing unparalleled challenges with turnover and hiring, cultural shifts, demands from a remote and hybrid workforce, employee burnout, and an overall lack of engagement. If you haven’t recently asked your workforce how they are feeling, what their concerns are, and what support they need now and in the future, it will be challenging to serve them well.

It’s critical that your employees feel heard, understood, and supported so that they remain engaged and committed. Listening to your employees is an effective way to both provide support and source ideas to help solve organizational problems. In today’s rapidly changing market being able to connect with employees frequently is vital to making data-driven decisions.

What’s the best way to listen to the employees at your organization? Start by exploring Mercer’s suite of employee listening tools and services backed by our world-class talent strategy consultants. These solutions drive actionable insights for building a strong, engaged workforce.

Cost Key

$ less than 10K
$$ 10 - 25K
$$$ 25 - 35K
$$$$ 35K+

Participation Size Key

30 - 1000 EE's
2,500 or less EE's
Organization Wide/No limit


Research objective


Participation size


Through a set of trade-off questions, gather critical insight into the changing needs of your workforce. This online survey provides the data you need to evaluate your total rewards offerings, creating the ultimate employee value proposition.


Understand what employees are most concerned about in and outside work.

  • Set series of trade-off questions to understand main overall work and life concerns
  • Quantitative and qualitative results
  • Includes advisory services


Virtually facilitate dynamic discussions with up to 1,000 employees to gain insight on one or many topics at a time. With real-time results, you can quickly get the insights you need to guide your path forward.


Understand sentiment on a specific topic.

  • Live, interactive experience facilitated by a consultant
  • Includes advisory services
  • AI driven qualitative and quantitative results
  • Anonymous feedback


This fully customizable solution allows you to set the survey questions, reports, and frequency you need for an evolved employee research strategy. By continually listening, you can see how the results change over time as you make decisions and changes.


Understand sentiment on a specific topic and assess change impact.

  • Continuous feedback
  • Easy to implement
  • Comparative benchmarks
  • Insights beyond fill in the box approach
  • Quantitative and qualitative results

$$ - $$$$

As a quick, nimble, and impactful solution for 2,500 employees or less, this ready to launch employee engagement survey delivers immediate insights on key themes prevalent in today’s workforce, including DEI and the impacts of pandemic. Limited customization available.


Understand sentiment on a specific topic and the contributing factors based on our most benchmarked topics.

  • Budget friendly
  • Easy to implement
  • Out of the box survey
  • Limited customizable options available
  • Quantitative and qualitative results


This toolkit is your complete guide to creating effective, measureable employee engagement surveys — outlining the steps to take, the questions to ask to get the insights you need, and benchmark data to compare your results.


Understand the process and build your own employee engagement survey with instructions and samples.

  • Budget friendly
  • Out of the box survey
  • Annual benchmarking results included
  • Executed in a platform of your choice


Featuring results for our most popular employee engagement survey questions, interpret the results of your survey by comparing them to others.


Understand the meaning of your employee engagement survey results through a comparison with benchmark data.

  • Budget friendly


The foundational element to employee listening uncovers the truth on how engaged your workforce feels and identifies the cause behind their sentiment. Customize the survey questions to obtain the data you need to drive the results you want.


Understand how engaged employees feel and the contributing factors.

  • Customizable
  • Quantitative and qualitative results
  • Includes advisory services
  • Comparative benchmarks

$$$ - $$$$

Don’t see the solution that suits your needs?

Take a look at Mercer’s full suite of employee research and engagement services to help you achieve your business goals—from multi-rater and custom surveys to rewards preferences surveys and more.

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