Remote and virtual assignments

The benefits are clear for workers and employers alike

Remote and virtual assignments image of woman working from laptop with plants in background

The temporary remote work solutions many companies implemented on the fly are now becoming a mainstay of the modern workplace. Building clear, consistent, and informed policies that are sustainable long-term is top of mind for most organizations.

Is your organization ready to embrace remote work and virtual assignments on a permanent basis? The perks for employees — and your organization — are abundant.

Whether you’re hiring virtual workers on the other side of your city or the other side of the globe, Mercer has the comprehensive resources you need to envision, design, and implement your long-term remote work policies today.

Flexible Working Policies and Practices Survey

Flexible work is here to stay. See what’s working for other organizations as you develop your company’s long-term policies.

Flexible Working Policy Workbook

Get to work with this self-directed resource for establishing policies and rewards for the new way of working

International Remote Working Survey

Take a closer look at the opportunities and obstacles of remote hiring on the global stage to determine if this trend is right for your organization.