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The flexible work experiment, triggered by the global pandemic that caused cities to shut down and companies to move non-essential employees to a remote working structure seemingly overnight, has created urgency for companies to establish what flexibility will look like moving forward. Many are accelerating the transition to a more flexible work experience for employees as they see the value to both the individual and the business.

As you consider a more permanent flexible work program, thoughtful planning and adaptability are essential. Your company’s perspective and your employee’s expectations are still evolving so you’ll want to be conscious of decisions made for short-term flexibility versus a sustainable, long-term plan. From understanding what is important to your employees to establishing clear flexible policies and evaluating pay strategically, we have the tools and resources you need to get started!

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Listen & learn

Understanding your employees’ values, perceptions, and priorities, allows you to make better decisions that can save your company valuable time, money, and resources while also giving your employees what they value the most. And when employees feel heard and valued, they are engaged. Learn how an employee listening program can guide your decisions for the future of flexible work in your organization.

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Strategize & plan

Want to get a jump-start on your flexible working program? We’ve created a rapid-response to executing flexibility at scale. Our team of experts are ready to work with you using a 4-step process that balances immediate, tactical needs with long-term transformation. This process uses diagnostics, employee surveys, and other state-of-the art tools coupled with best-in-class consulting to create a measurable action plan customized to your company’s objectives.

Execute & optimize

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Pay is an important consideration in your flexible working conversation. A remote workforce can open up a larger talent pool, provide opportunities for your employees to relocate, and potentially reduce payroll expenses for your company. Get the pay data you need to recruit new talent, manage employee moves, or evaluate your pay structures with the most reliable salary and relocation data available.

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The way we work is changing. As many organizations lean towards flexible work options it’s important to establish what flexibility looks like for your employees. The Flexible Working Policies & Practices Survey is designed to measure what options are offered to employees and provide you with insight into what other companies are doing and how your approach compares.