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Mercer is one of the largest sources of employer-reported data. Our products span the globe and cross most industries, providing you with robust, relevant data to manage your workforce.

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What does flexibility look like for employees?

See what others are doing and how your approach compare.

Flexible Working Policies & Practices Survey.


Top sellers

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MBD: Mercer Benchmark Database

Salary data for positions common across all industries; 8 modules available.

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Global Compensation Planning

Information on salary increases, economic indicators, mandatory pay schemes, and more.

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Geographic Salary Differential

Ensure you’re paying competitively across all your locations with data for nearly 100+ Canadian cities.

Helpful resources

Compensation is going up. But is it enough?

Based on employer insights, compensation budgets are going up. But with inflation and quit rates being at 20-year highs, many employers are reassessing their 2022 compensation plans.