Short-Term Assignment Per Diem Locations

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Comparing prices for flights can be a time-consuming process but is a necessary component of most business travel budgets. If your employees are flying, internationally or domestically, knowing how much to budget for these flights is key to planning appropriately.

Mercer’s Airfare Reports do the work for you. With an overview of real time airfare prices, manage your travel budgets and allowances with ease. With detailed airfare pricing for selected departure and arrival cities on selected dates, ensure you’re making the best decision for your employees’ travel needs.

Are you ready to manage your airfare travel budgets & allowances more efficiently?
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Short-Term Assignment Per Diem Allowance Calculator CAD 510

Please note:

  • Pricing is based off of individual location reports.
  • For custom inquiries, please reach out to a mobility consultant.

Reports will be processed within 2-3 business days buy may vary due to the amount of customization requested.

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Short-Term Assignment Per Diem Locations

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  • Short DescriptionWith data for 400+ locations and three standard levels offered, calculate the per diem allowance for employees on international assignments.

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