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Data to properly incentivize your expatriates

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Expatriates all face similar needs wherever they live: housing, education for their children, medical facilities, and working infrastructure to name a few. Additionally, the political environment, along with disease and sanitation standards, can make a home away from home feel like a pleasant adventure or an unpleasant misfortune. Compensating expatriates fairly based on how the assignment location fares for each of these categories is important, not only to keep your company competitive but also to avoid assignee dissatisfaction – which can be costly.

Use the Location Evaluation Reports to determine the appropriate incentives for your expatriates facing conditions that make an assignment destination dangerous or difficult. With current and easy-to-understand premium calculations and guidelines, apply these recommendations to your compensation structure.

Do you have the data to properly incentivize your expatriates?
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Calculate fair and consistent allowances based on 14 factors that make up daily life for your expatriates and their families, which includes:

  • Availability of goods and services
  • Climate and physical conditions
  • Communications
  • Crime
  • Cultural and recreation facilities
  • Disease and sanitation
  • Education facilities
  • Infrastructure
  • Medical facilities
  • Physical remoteness
  • Political and social environment
  • Political violence and repression
  • Pollution

Ratings for each of the 14 factors produce an overall evaluation score for the location allowing you to easily communicate the incentive recommendation rationale to your employees. Reports are available for 140 cities worldwide.


Location Evaluation Reports USD 460

Please note:

  • Pricing is based off of individual location reports.
  • For custom inquiries, please reach out to a mobility consultant.
  • Reports will be processed within 2-3 business days buy may vary due to the amount of customization requested.

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Location Evaluation Reports

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