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Flexible and accurate calculations for your global workforce

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As assignment patterns become more complex, companies are exploring ways to make their compensation approaches more flexible and cost effective while taking advantage of the flexibility and the multiple options offered by the balance sheet concept.

Smoothly perform your online international compensation calculations with the Balance Sheet Calculator. Use the powerful cost-of-living, housing, tax, and quality-of-living data for your global workforce. Learn how to make your worldwide talent strategy more flexible and accurate with easy-to-understand calculations to generate a complete balance sheet report.

Do you have the most accurate and easy-to-understand data for your global workforce?
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How Does it Work?

What you get

  • Calculate a goods-and-services/cost-of-living allowance only, or perform a full balance sheet calculation, including other allowances and benefits, cash or in-kind.
  • Export your calculation results to PDF or Excel. Use numerous and flexible data entry options, including the ability to save your default data entry settings as per your policy (Preference Manager).
  • Use modular reporting that can be shared with assignee or stakeholders.
  • Select elements to be grossed up, and gross up your calculation results in the host country.*
  • Save and retrieve your calculation records (privately or not), and update your calculation results.**

In addition to our existing Balance Sheet Calculator, our Cost Projection Calculator enables you to perform a full-assignment-duration cost-estimate calculation, to further enhance your mobile strategy.

*Only included in Advanced pricing
**Only included in Pro pricing


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  • Short DescriptionFlexible and accurate calculations for your global workforce.
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