Self-Assessment for Global Endeavors

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Moving abroad is a huge decision, and not one to be taken lightly. To go from everything someone’s ever known – the traditions, the food, the weather – and be thrust into an entirely new environment, with its own currency, climate, and culture, it’s no surprise that expatriates often have complaints. Before taking on the assignment, your expats should be able to evaluate their readiness for living and working in a new country.

Have your employees discover whether an international assignment is right for them (and their family), with the Self-Assessment for Global Endeavors (SAGE). Developed in partnership with RW³ LLC, this confidential and interactive tool helps your expats measure issues related to personality, flexibility, and emotional resilience critical for career and professional development. From cross cultural capabilities to personal and professional considerations, use this pre-assignment employee self-assessment tool to increase awareness, readiness, and retention.

Do you have the proper tools to determine if your expatriates are ready for their international assignment?
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Self-Assessment for Global Endeavors (SAGE) - Annual Subscription USD 2,500

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Self-Assessment for Global Endeavors

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USD 2,500.00

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How Does it Work?

After completing a short survey, employees receive a Feedback Report covering two essential aspects of assignee readiness:

Cross-Cultural Competencies.

Part 1: An assessment of their cross-cultural competencies. These competencies have been found to affect psychological comfort in different cultures, interactions with people from different cultures, and professional success when working in different cultures or with people from different cultures.

Personal and Professional Considerations

Part 2: An assessment of other personal and professional considerations such as the personal, lifestyle, and family issues that can potentially influence an assignee’s adjustment and happiness in a host country.

A subscription to the SAGE tool allows you to make it available to all employees within your organization. It is available as stand-alone solution or as part of Culture Wizard Passport, a comprehensive country-specific, and affordable online cultural training programs suitable for all your employees.

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  • Short DescriptionDo you have the proper tools to determine if your expatriates are ready for their international assignment?
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