Net to Net Analysis

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Assessing the net salary of a local expatriate package against that of a home-based package can be tough. Especially when you factor in the differences in compensation, taxes, housing, good and services, etc. And, don’t forget about exchange rate differences too. It’s vital that all these calculations are accurate so that you and your assignee know that the local salary is fair relative to their home country earnings as you move them to a different pay structure.

Calculate the precise economic gain or loss for your assignee after a permanent transfer or localization using the Net-To-Net Calculations. Integrate your employees with confidence, using two types of calculations – Net-To-Net and Gross-To-Net – to determine a fair standard of living compared with the competitive host country salary package.

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Net-To-Net Calculations Subscribers USD 1,000
Net-To-Net Calculations Non-Subscribers USD 1,300

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  • Mercer can complete these calculations for you, or if you’re ready to complete these on your own, please reach out to a mobility consultant.

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Net to Net Analysis

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