Mercer WIN® | Advanced eIPETM

Bringing two key components - benchmarking and job evaluation - into one, fully integrated system.

Now you have a single point of access to benchmarking and job evaluation functionality. Your market data and market pricing can reside within a platform featuring user-centered, evidence-based design, and leading edge technologies.

Mercer WIN | Advanced eIPE allows you to centralize your data to simplify analysis and decision making, enabling you to see and control data the way you want. Now all of your data will be in one place, eliminating the need for multiple spreadsheets, giving you time to focus on more strategic business objectives.

Mercer WIN | Advanced eIPE
Benchmarking Job Evaluation

Use data from Mercer as well as other sources to help support your benchmarking and analysis. Mercer WIN | Advanced eIPE allows you to experience enhanced functionality, benchmarking capabilities and simplified process.

Mercer WIN | Advanced eIPE is designed to maximize your data, meet your unique benchmark needs and track the details. For example, you can age the data based on your business practice or add weight to certain jobs in each analysis.

Document your changes to show what adjustments have been made for future reference. All benchmarks are stored in your library and can be easily analyzed, reported on or updated at any time. Once an analysis is complete, it can be printed or exported to share with others.

Mercer WIN | Advanced eIPE evaluates each job by measuring the value it creates within the context of your organization’s unique operations. These evaluation profiles provide essential data and insight for your organizational design and HR programs.

Mercer WIN | Advanced eIPE is a simple, highly accurate online tool for job leveling with universal application in today's fast changing environment. Compare positions within job families and across your different business units and countries.

Job Evaluation

Mercer WIN Advanced/elPE allows you to perform job evaluations in three ways depending on the type of support you need. To work on a specific job, you may use guidance grids detailing the IPE methodology or a summary screen where you can apply job factor scores directly. If you wish to evaluate multiple jobs at one time, you may also use "row edit" which can display up to 100 jobs and their factors and dimensions for editing. In addition, you may perform a sensitivity analysis on a particular job via a modeling screen.

Mercer WIN / Advanced eIPE job evaluation screenshot (click image for larger view)


Mercer WIN / Advanced eIPE row edit screenshot

My Jobs Integrated Screen

The Integrated Jobs screen gives you the full overall picture of the power of Benchmarking and Evaluation snapshot in one place. Market Match data displays on the left side and Evaluation data displays on the right. Buttons are provided for the user to navigate to Edit Market Data or to Evaluate a Job. This is commonly refered to as the “Money Screen” as it gives a user all of the information needed for evaluation.

Mercer WIN / Advanced eIPE my jobs integrated screen
(click image for larger view)

My Organizations

In Mercer WIN/elPE, all jobs are evaluated in the context of the organization they support, thus accurate organization information is critical for analysis and we have made this information easily editable.

Mercer WIN / Advanced eIPE my organizations screen 1 (click images for larger view)

Mercer WIN / Advanced eIPE my organizations screen 2

My Job Architecture

In Mercer WIN/eIPE, user can use Job Architecture to classify or categorize your jobs in Mercer WIN/eIPE. Job Architecture allows users to personalize or customize the Mercer Job Architecture by allowing them to define their job catalogue in their own terms.

Mercer WIN / Advanced eIPE my job architecture screen (click image for larger view)


Survey Participation

Let Mercer complete entire survey participations on your behalf using the data in Mercer WIN | ePRISM.

Service includes:

  • Completion of related participation materials based upon available information in Mercer WIN | ePRISM and the public domain
  • Responding to audits from the vendor
  • Creation of mutual agreed upon timeline for delivery
Survey Participation 101 Webinar

Join us for a specially designed training to highlight the survey participation process.

Training includes:

  • Creating survey participation view and the process of cleaning exports
  • Construction of calendar for participation tracking
  • Best practice suggestions for a successful participation season
System Administration

Let Mercer perform tasks and processes in lieu of you System Administrator

Service includes:

  • Managing security profiles and fields in the data dictionaiy
  • Handling employee data refresh process including loading employees, jobs, and the FTP process
  • Managing Currency Table and Time Adjustment Table