Mercer Data Connector benefits

Faster submission

Streamlined interface, intuitive navigation and clean design to accomplish tasks quickly

Built-in delegation

Assign access with secure, role-based user authentication

Seamless data import

Simplified participation using one file, yours or ours, to upload data

Increased job match accuracy

Proprietary algorithm suggests matches and browse the online job catalog for special and unique jobs needing extra attention

AI-powered validation

Automated error detection and correction, guided alerts and immediate verification

Real-time tracking

Keep up-to-date with instant visibility to work-in-process across sections, countries and companies

Year over year advantage

Participation gets easier year after year with our proprietary machine-learning algorithms

Robust support

All of our knowledge, right at your finger tips, in the resource center with guides and how to videos

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User-friendly features and functionality

Mercer Resources Center

live better, work brighter

Introducing the Mercer Resources Center, our online learning and information platform to help you with the full survey participation journey!

Add to your favorites and see what’s in it for you!

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Mercer Data Connector FAQs



Submitting data

Job matching

Data validation