Performance & Rewards


Our face-to-face workshops are designed to deepen and expand the knowledge of professionals in the areas of performance and rewards, mobility, strategic business partnering, talent management, workforce analytics and change management. Our programs are developed based on our extensive consulting experience and delivered by consultants who bring their practical knowledge to the workshop. In addition, we constantly update our content to reflect the changing business environment and the latest market best practice.

  • 3P Compensation Management

    3P Compensation Management provides you with strategies and techniques for attracting and retaining the ebst talent in a cost-effective manner. 3P enables you to be pro-active in identifying and addessing critical issues in attraction and retention. Plus, it ensures the solutions to address those issues are fully integrated into your company's management practices and business strategy.

    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Indonesia May 17-18 IDR7,800,000
    Indonesia December 12-13 IDR7,800,000
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  • Actuarial Valuation Workshop

    Multiple employee benefits plan means the pension accounting valuation must be in compliance with existing accounting standards, such as IAS19 (IFRS), ASC715 (US GAAP), or PSAK24 (Indonesia GAAP). Reporting accurate plan liability and underlying assumptions in financial statements is a challenge for most companies. And accurate reporting is paramount to stakeholders both within and outside an orginatization.
    This program will focus on three key components of the valuation process, and will help practitioners fully understand the valuations of their accounts.

    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Indonesia March 21-22 IDR7,800,000
    Indonesia September 11-12 IDR7,800,000
    Indonesia October 17-18 IDR7,800,000
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  • Building the Fundamentals of Compensation

    This workshop will provide an all-round understanding of compensation strategy and how to have a practical execution in your organization.

    • Overview of the 3P's of management (Pay for Position, Pay for Performance and Pay for Person).
    • Knowledge of pay for position.
    • Use of surveys and analyzing results.
    • Grade structure design.
    • Salary structure design.
    • Management of pay review budget.
    • Management of internal stakeholders.
    • Implementation guidelines.
    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Singapore May 31 SGD1,250 (+7%GST)
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  • Compensation + IPE + Benefits Training

    Aiming to develop all-round knowledge in Compensation & Benefits? Eager to connect the dots on Compensation & Benefits related knowledge, and want to know how it can be applied into our daily HR work? Attend this 3-in-1 workshop to learn interesting topics ranging from compensation, role analysis, job evaluation, to benefits, and the practical executions within your organization.

    • Mercer's Job Evaluation Methodology (International Position Evaluation – IPE) & application
    • Compensation Philosophy, strategy and rewards elements
    • Leverage data to manage compensation effectively
    • Understand market data and trend analysis
    • Use of different tools and techniques for compensation management
    • Hands on experience of using MS Excel in compensation process
    • Understand the know-how of an ‘ideal’ benefits program
    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Malaysia November 21-23 MYR4,240 (incl. GST)
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  • Compensation Analytics Using Excel

    In the era of big data, Excel is one of the key tools for different types of analysis. Without the skillset to master it, you may end up spending extra hours doing manual calculations. This workshop helps participants all they need to know to harness the power of Excel.

    • Compile and analyze C&B market data from multiple sources.
    • Determine salary mid-point by data regression, minimum and maximum of salary ranges and pay adjustment.
    • Algorithm, logical and text operations, sorting and filtering, charts and lookup functions.
    • Learn dynamic lookup operations, pivot table and array of formulas.
    • Practical case study.
    • Excel shortcuts every consultants should know.
    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Myanmar June 9 USD 500*
    *10% off for registration before May 31
    *Additional 10% off if you register with a colleague
    Singapore July 5-6 USD1,900 (+7%GST)
    Singapore October 4-5 USD1,900 (+7%GST)
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  • Compensation for Today's Business

    This workshop provides an introduction to strategic compensation, focusing on a master plan design for material rewards. It begins by understanding, evaluating, and articulating relationship between compensation and business outcomes. Ten-decision gates are also detailed, providing guidance for establishing the purpose and strategic intention of material rewards - a step by step best-fit compensation plan design.

    • Business understanding and its influences on compensation strategy.
    • 10 decision gates for compensation strategy design.
    • Case studies provide participants an opportunity to apply, theoretical content into actions.
    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Vietnam March 17 USD350
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  • Compensation Planning & Budgeting

    Get an in-depth education on the principles, terms, analytical processes, tools, evaluation, and annual updating of an employee base pay program. Attend this workshop to understand Mercer’s approach when planning and budgeting your company’s compensation structure. The workshop will cover the following areas:

    • Objectives and rationale for conducting analysis and update of compensation plans.
    • Insights into the tools, knowledge and data requirements.
    • Understanding the approach and proces for planning and budgeting.
    • Understanding the implications of the measurement findings of making changes in the compensation strategy, policies, programs and actions.
    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Singapore October 13 SGD1,250 (+7%GST)
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  • Compensation Management

    This workshop focuses on how to extract more value from participating in remuneration surveys and leveraging the data to manage compensation more effectively. Besides a great learning opportunity, this workshop provides a unique platform for you to connect with your peer community and share best practices.

    • Compensation, Philosophy, Strategy and Reward Elements.
    • Remuneration Survey Familiarization.
    • Analysis of Market Trends.
    • Salary Structure Development Based on Market Data.
    • Salary Increment Planning by Performance and Pay Positioning.
    • Use of Different Tools and Techniques for Compensation Management.
    • Hands-On Experience in Using MS Excel in the Compensation Process.
    • Effective Presentation of Data to Management.
    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Philippines May 11-12 PHP20,000 + VAT (5% Discount for TRS Members)
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  • Compensation Workshop

    Benchmark accurately, ensuring pay parity and budget approvals can make the salary review and offer process tedious. With better knowledge on compensation, you will be able to manage remuneration decisions effectively and efficiently. Through case studies and facilitated discussions, this training workshop provides you with an all-round understanding of compensation strategy and its practical execution in your organization.

    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Malaysia (KL) April 12 MYR2,120 (incl. GST)
    Malaysia (KL) August 16 MYR2,120 (incl. GST)
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  • Designing Core Compensation Vehicles

    This workshop provides participants with hands-on practical skills needed to perform actual compensation vehicles design within given requirements. The course is designed to supplement theoretical and technical knowledge of compensation planning gained in sessions 1 and 2. The facilitator will demonstrate the actual processes and key steps involved in salary structure and performance variable scheme design. Using simulated tools and data, participants will work in groups following the methods used by leading consulting company.

    • Setting the right fixed-compensation plan for your business
    • Converting your compensation programs from negative to positive reinforcement
    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Vietnam May 12 USD350
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  • Designing Long-Term Incentives

    This course delves into the different forms of long-term incentives, including appreciation-only awards, full-value stock and performance cash plans. Learn how these incentives work and the rules and regulations applicable to each.

    Other topics include:

    • How accounting influences the adoption of plan and design
    • Determination of grant value and vesting considerations
    • Payout mechanics considering retention and/or performance
    • Valuation and expensing
    • Pre-IPO considerations and grant implementation administration
    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Hong Kong June 22 USD1,500
    Hong Kong November 9 USD1,500
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  • Designing Salary and Performance Bonus

    This one-day course presents:

    • Salary-design techniques, including the use of ranges and banding, market pricing, balancing job benchmarking with paying incumbents and managing salary compression
    • Salary increase models and retention methods
    • Setting targets according to performance competencies and standards
    • Performance appraisal, bonus pool determination and individual awards
    • Case work and some Excel tips for salary analysis
    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Hong Kong May 25 USD1,300
    Hong Kong September 27 USD1,300
    Malaysia (KL) May 17 MYR2,120
    Malaysia (Penang) October 25 MYR2,650
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  • Executive Remuneration Fundamentals

    Mercer's one-day workshop on executive remuneration will teach you the fundamentals on how to shape your executive compensation and rewards program in order to attract, retain, and motivate the critical executive talent needed for a long-term organizational success.

    • How to design remuneration programs focused on key executive talent.
    • Align pay with your organization strategic directions.
    • Understanding the distinct markets for executive talent.
    • When and how to use a company equity in the reward structure.
    • Keep compliant with regulatory, legislative, and shareholder requirements and guidelines.
    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Singapore August 23 SGD1,250 (+7%GST)
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  • Making Your Benefits Right

    Companies are vying with one another to offer “innovative” benefits to attract employees. However, benefits can be costly, so it is imperative that a package is appealing to the employee, competitive with the market and sustainable for the organisation. By attending this workshop, HR practitioners will learn how an effective benefits programme should be designed and the steps required to implement it. This workshop will cover:

    • What is "Employee Benefits?" - An evolution.
    • The benefits pyramid.
    • Creating the "ideal" benefits program: How to analyze, prioritize and optimize.
    • Challenges in designing benefits program: What to evaluate (i.e. challenges and trade-offs).
    • Steps to implementing a new program.
    • Case study.
    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Malaysia (KL) September 6 MYR2,120 (incl. GST)
    Malaysia (KL) December 6 MYR2,120 (incl. GST)
    Singapore April 26 SGD1,250 (+7%GST)
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  • Maximizing the Value of Remuneration Surveys

    The understanding and analysis of market trends is critical to effective benchmarking in compensation management, thereby allowing organizations to attract and retain the best talent pool available. This workshop focuses on how to extract more value from participating in remuneration surveys and leveraging the data to manage compensation more effectively. This workshop will cover:

    • Survey familiarization.
    • Hands on excel skills session to analyze data and do budgeting.
    • Effective presentation of data.
    • Conduct market benchmarking.
    • Setting individual pay, salary increment matrix and salary structures.
    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Indonesia August 9-10 IDR7,800,000
    Singapore March 30 SGD1,250 (+7%GST)
    Singapore November 16 SGD1,250 (+7%GST)
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  • Pay for Performance - Variable Pay

    In this workshop, we look at the shift from merit salary increases to variable pay, how to design an annual bonus and incentive plan that motivates staff, and how to create long-term rewards plans.

    What our session covers:

    • Performance and rewards systems
    • The different types of rewards plans
    • The purpose and context for variable pay and pay mix
    • Applying basic short-term incentive design principles to your organization, including calibration of results to rewards
    • The context of long-term incentives
    • Reviewing the return on your incentives spend
    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Indonesia August 9-10 IDR7,800,000
    Hong Kong June 20 USD1,300
    Hong Kong October 26 USD1,300
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  • Pay for Person - Compensation & Competence

    At this workshop, HR professionals will learn the components of paying for the person based on the individual as well as the key considerations and how to use competencies to determine and make pay decisions. The wrkshop will cover:

    • What are key pay-for-person considerations
    • Which components of pay relate to the individual performer
    • When should a pay premium apply
    • How should pay progression be related to individual performance
    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Indonesia September 13 IDR5,000,000
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  • Pay for Position - Fixed Pay

    Fixed pay, viewed within the context of Total Rewards, is a vehicle to compensate and recognize the worth of a job. Fixed pay in the basis of compensation, relates to the job and the job requirement. The importance of fixed pay cannot be neglected as it makes up a significant component of monetary rewards for a large employee population in any organization. In order for your organization to stay competitive and keep the talent within, managers need to ensure that fixed pay is externally competitive as well as internally equitable.

    At this workshop, HR professionals will learn the components and the fundamentals of creating a good base pay structure.

    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Indonesia March 29-30 IDR7,800,000
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  • Revolutionize C&B Using VBA

    Hands-on workshop from basic VBA programming skills to real-life C&B/HR VBA samples; expedites daily C&B/ HR analysis and reduce repetitive operational tasks. Programming theories include variables, procedures, logical operations, looping, array and more. Excel operations skills include VBA recording, Excel objects and references, cell and file operations, interface, inputs and graphs. Apply VBA skills via case work and coding samples. This course is designed for advanced Excel C&B/HR professionals.

    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Singapore May 4-5 USD1,900 (+7%GST)
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  • Role Analysis and Job Evaluation (Mercer International Position Evaluation)

    Role analysis is an important and critical exercise for organizations, as it helps cascade overall strategic plans into functional and individual roles and responsibilities. A role analysis exercise ensures synthesis of functional objectives into “areas of responsibility” that is understood down the line and captures the essence of the function. Likewise, job evaluation is critical when establishing a benchmark for compensation comparison. Attend this workshop to understand the application of role analysis and job evaluation to pay decisions.

    • Understand the basic theory, purposes amd benefits of clearly documenting roles.
    • Learn the steps to role analysis.
    • Learn about job evaluation and its broad application.
    • Learn how to evaluate jobs using Mercer's International Position Evaluation methodology.
    Country Date (2017) Standard Fee
    Indonesia November 16 IDR5,000,000
    Malaysia (KL) May 17 MYR2,120 (incl. GST)
    Malaysia (Penang) October 25 MYR2,650 (incl. GST)
    Singapore June 14 SGD1,250 (+7%GST)
    Taiwan (Hsinchu) October 12 NTD 12,000 (+5% VAT)
    Taiwan (Kaohsiung) November 22 NTD 12,000 (+5% VAT)
    Taiwan (Taipei) May 17 NTD 12,000 (+5% VAT)
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  • Sales Incentive Plan Design

    In the current economic climate, more and more companies are looking for ways to achieve growth and increase the productivity of their sales force. Many leading companies are re-evaluating their sales processes and reward programmes to ensure they are paying their sales people competitively and effectively. An effective sales remuneration program can make a significant impact on an organization's sales results - by helping to drive the right behaviors from the sales force. In this one-day workshop, participants will gain useful insights to sales incentive design. Topics will include:

    • Relation between reward and performance.
    • Sales incentive as drivers or revenue and growth.
    • Sales versus non-sales function pay-mix.
    • Steps to designing a comprehensive sales incentive.
    • Hands on implementation on building sales incentive.
    • Evaluating sales incentive effectiveness.
    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Indonesia March 22 IDR5,000,000
    Hong Kong June 27 USD1,300
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  • Strategic Compensation Management

    Today's business environment demands effective compensation programs that are fine-tuned and targeted to meet the unique needs of each business. Increasingly, remuneration professionals are called on to tackle tough strategic issues. In this two-day workshop, we provide you with a comprehensive understanding of compensation strategy and its practical execution. Topics will include:

    • Changing trends: Emerging practices around the world
    • A roadmap to designing compensation philosophy and strategy
    • A guideline to defining your market for talent, your competitive positioning, and the right mix of fixed and variable compensation
    • Tips and techniques for putting elegant plan designs to practice with helpful processes and tools
    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Singapore July 20 SGD1,250
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  • Talent Battle Field & Compensation

    This workshop covers the essential skills and actions that support the understanding and development from data analytics perspective – helping you learn to see "the big picture" through the understanding of key concepts, trends and recognize the important relationship between compensation master plan, potential challenges, the bottom line, and make wiser decisions.

    • Latest Compensation Trends.
    • Connecting business needs and compensation data mining techniques.
    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Vietnam April 14 USD350
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  • Total Rewards Strategy

    Employee remuneration is now being discussed in terms of not just pay and allowances but also non-cash benefits, career development and work-life balance. Employers are developing total rewards strategies involving employee engagement, retention, and motivation, while keeping in mind key values and behaviors. This workshop outlines remuneration principles and practices and the link to organizational performance.

    Country Date (2017) Early Bird Fee Standard Fee
    Cambodia November 20 TBD
    Hong Kong May 11 *USD1,170 USD1,300
    Hong Kong September 19 *USD1,170 USD1,300

    *10% off when registration and full payment are received at least 60 days before event date

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  • Utilizing Compensation Surveys for Pay Structure

    Compensation surveys help human resource management teams to make discerning decisions in a competitive and changing marketplace to enhance the company’s advantage. Compensation management is one of the most important HR issues for many companies.

    What our session covers:

    • Overview: 3P management model
    • Overview: Job evaluation
    • Compensation survey familiarization
    • Analyzing compensation survey results
    • Determining salary strategy
    • Salary structure design
    • Salary structure design case exercise
    • Compensation management
    Country Date (2017) Fee
    Taiwan (Hsinchu) October 13 NTD12,000 (+5% VAT)
    Taiwan (Kaohsiung) November 23 NTD12,000 (+5% VAT)
    Taiwan (Taipei) May 18 NTD 12,000 (+5% VAT)
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