Mercer Data Connector

Online data submission made simple

Faster submission icon

Faster submission

Streamlined interface, intuitive navigation and clean design to accomplish tasks quickly

Built-in delegation icon

Built-in delegation

Assign access with secure, role-based user authentication

Seamless data import icon

Seamless data import

Simplified participation using one file, yours or ours, to upload data

Increased job match accuracy icon

Increased job match accuracy

Proprietary algorithm suggests matches and browse the online job catalog for special and unique jobs needing extra attention

AI-powered validation icon

AI-powered validation

Automated error detection and correction, guided alerts and immediate verification

Real-time tracking icon

Real-time tracking

Keep up-to-date with instant visibility to work-in-process across sections, countries and companies

Year over year advantage icon

Year over year advantage

Participation gets easier year after year with our proprietary machine-learning algorithms

Robust support icon

Robust support

All of our knowledge, right at your finger tips, in the resource center with guides and how to videos


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Mercer received the CIO’s 2019 Digital Edge 50 Award from IDG, an honor bestowed upon organizations that have executed digital transformation initiatives with significant, measurable business impact.

“We are honored to be recognized for Mercer Data Connector. We continue to leverage technology to create innovative solutions and business models. We are committed to sharing these solutions to empower our clients on their digital journeys.”

Gail Evans, Mercer’s Global Chief Digital Officer

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Mercer Data Connector:
The Online Data Submission Journey

mercer data connector online data submission journey graphic

User-Friendly Features and Functionality

track and monitor your submissions screenshot
Check your progress

How far along in the process are you? Check the progress tracker for each section.

add multiple users screenshot
Add multiple users

Tell us who else in your organization should have access to Mercer Data Connector — and assign the appropriate sections to them. They won't be able to view or change anything else.

upload file screenshot
Upload or Confirm your Data

Upload your data with Mercer’s spreadsheet template or use your company’s file. Returning client? Update last year’s prepopulated data and job matches in Mercer Data Connector.

job matching screenshot
Check automated job matches

Our proprietary algorithm quickly matches your company’s jobs to Mercer Job Library. Accept the recommended matches or use our robust search engine to find others.

data validation screenshot
See your data validated in real time

Mercer Data Connector will automatically identify apparent errors and alert you to those that need investigating. You can override suggestions with a click.

copy and paste screenshot
Have multiple companies that share the same data?

Save time by copying and pasting data from one company or country to another.

final review screenshot
Make final corrections

Mercer Data Connector will alert you to any errors that you should correct before you submit your data.

final submission screenshot
Take your data with you

Your submissions are portable — just download an Excel file with all of your Mercer Data Connector information.

Mercer Data Connector FAQs

Have a question regarding Mercer Data Connector? Contact us!