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Compensation Localizer

Streamline the way you establish pay for your international employees when placing them on a local compensation program with this calculator.

Global Comp Planning Report

Access economic, labor, and salary data trends across 124 countries to evaluate pay increases, understand economic indicators, and review short-term incentives.

Global Pay Summary

This report provides annual base salary and total cash compensation data for 50 benchmark positions in 88 countries.

international Geographic Salary Differentials

Confidently move jobs to new locations with equitable and competitive salary information; 84 countries available.


This self-service, global job-pricing tool gives you instant access to the pay data you need with over 2,000 positions in 70+ countries to choose from.

Total Employment Costs Around the World

Assess the fairness and competitiveness of employee pay and identify cost-saving opportunities with this report.

Total Remuneration Surveys

The TRS surveys provide comprehensive information on compensation and benefits around the globe covering 400 benchmark positions on average.