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In today's world, how do you compete for 'digital' talent? Going forward, companies will face increasing pressure to move away from fully ‘owning’ their talent. This paper outlines the issues they will face and strategies to surmount them. View

Mercer's Olivier Meier shares tips learned from multinationals that are particularly skilled at managing their extended international talent pools. Read the article to find out why lateral moves, re-joiners and nurturing your mobility brand are important considerations for attracting and retaining globally mobile talent. View

In this paper, written by Mercer and Oliver Wyman and in collaboration with Thomas Kochan, a management, work and employment professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, we have identified how to better manage the digital transformation process to improve operations, productivity and the customer experience. View

Mercer's latest Global Talent Trends study reveals this year's top workforce trends.View

This article discusses current salary conditions and trends within the Australian life sciences sector. View

This article explores the challenges and uses of remuneration forecasts and explains Mercer’s approach to remuneration forecasting. View

This article discusses how mindfulness can be used to unlock inclusive leadership potential, which we know is vital in building a thriving workplace. View

Which cities around the world provide the highest and lowest quality of living for expatriates? Find out by exploring Mercer’s 20th annual Quality of Living ranking. The ranking is based on Mercer’s Quality of Living surveys, which enable multinational companies and other organisations to compensate employees fairly when placing them on international assignments. View

International assignment management is complex at the best of times, but even more so for companies who relocate people to challenging locations. In this article, two of Mercer’s Mobility experts, Olivier Meier and Slagin Parakatil, share their insights into dealing with emergencies in such locations. View

This article from Mercer Select IntelligenceSM examines the salary increase budgeting process and outlines action items based on results from Mercer’s 2017 Rewards Decision-Making and Communications Survey. View

Up-to-date information on remuneration trends, the gender pay index, pay increase barometer and new hire pay rates for New Zealand. View

Mercer Select IntelligenceSM presents this article examining the objectives, execution and effectiveness of the annual compensation review process in light of results from Mercer’s 2017 Rewards Decision-Making and Communications Survey. View

A look at the future of remuneration analytics and data-driven decisions. In a profession where teams are expected to do more with less, how can you succeed? View

Mercer’s experts share their finely tuned insights in economics, HR and employee analytics – what they know and what to look out for. We hear from Raphaele Nicaud, Lily Kan and Simon Kennedy about the key issues affecting HR professionals in 2017. View

2016 marks a year for change in performance management, with half of organisations we surveyed planning to make changes. However, sometimes the rhetoric exceeds the reality. The challenge for organisations attempting to change performance management is a need to move past a dialogue centred on process. Questions of 'to rate or not to rate' and 'how to distribute reward' are now at the heart of the performance management dialogue, with process outshining the purpose. The current dialogue loses sight of the bigger question: What is the point of performance management? View

A recent review of our database has revealed that less than 10% of our clients are paying at the market position they are actually targeting. This article explores the reasons why this may be happening, what it means for you and what you can do. View

In today’s business and economic environment, establishing an effective performance management approach is a major challenge for most organisations. This issue is compounded by talent scarcity (externally and internally) for capabilities that organisations need. In this article we look at the four principles deemed necessary to maximise the impact of performance management. View

The scarcity or rising need for talent possessing particular skill sets, knowledge or experience can create heat spots in the market and 'hot' jobs which are often found to be difficult to recruit. In this section we look at current market heat and 'hot' jobs attracting premium rates of pay. View

In 2016 flexibility and breadth are the key themes employers are embracing when it comes to employee benefits, with 62% of organisations surveyed acknowledging they have flexible work practices and initiatives in place. View

Pay rates in Western Australia and Northern Territory are on average well above all other states, with salary differentials for the state and territory 4.9% and 5.9% above the national general market median, respectively. More

A market overview of the resources and energy sector, including current climate, forecasts, and movements – both overall and by job function. View

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