This ground-breaking solution is comprised of three components:

Mercer Comptryx
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01. Workforce metrics

Compare the size, shape, mix and demographics of your organisation to the competition in areas such as attrition, experience, promotions, gender, and pay.

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02. labour cost modelling

Design virtual organisations and get instant calculation of payroll costs in potential locations around the world.

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03. global pay

The database of over 3 million employee records allows you to conduct pay analysis for all jobs across the globe from base salary through total cost to company.

HR Metrics that get executive attention

Using this data, compare your people costs to the market using key metrics like payroll as % of revenue and average global pay, and then analyse the factors that drove those results on such things as functional allocation, and geographic deployment to find the optimum size, shape, mix, and cost for your organisation.

230 subscribers

194 companies

106 countries

3,400,000 incumbent records

Are you interested in workforce metrics?
Choose from the below:
  1. Mercer’s article about current trends in workforce turnover – i.e. rates by: region, career stream, seniority level, job level, new hires and specific location.
  2. A demo presentation of Mercer | Comptryx – an online tool which goes beyond workforce metrics and analytics!
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Why Comptryx stands out from other seemingly similar solutions

In the past, salary surveys have helped compensation & benefits managers to review market salaries and create competitive pay packages. Nowadays, a deep dive into organisational headcount and cost structures, enables our clients to not only understand their own workforce structure with related cost, but also to compare to their peers!

Examples of metrics reported in this unique tool:

  • Headcount and payroll distribution.
  • Financials: such as revenue per FTE or profit per FTE.
  • Demographics: like management span, tenure, age, experience, organisational level, top performer, etc.
  • Churn: retention rate, new hire rate, turnover rate (voluntary, full).
  • Gender: female/male headcount, wage gap, activity.
  • Pay: average & key percentiles.
And all that per region, country, function/sub-function and level in any detail for your own workforce and the market.
This solution demands for full census data submission of any participant. We are prepared to help you to get that done!

Comptryx takes external benchmarking to a new level. The comp data we have always needed and the organisational metrics that back up the HR Analytics we are now using. Great value for money!