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Pressure on organisations to perform has never been greater. But ongoing business success can only come from creating more professional and strategically-focused HR functions. High performance can't happen unless HR has the learning, skills and knowledge pathways to get there.

Mercer is the #1 ranked HR consultancy by for nine consecutive years.

This is where we can help. At Mercer Learning, a division of Mercer’s Global Talent business, our mission is to grow our clients’ skills by providing the structured learning people need, across all career stages as part of their overall 70:20:10 development activities. Mercer has a suite of blended training, designed to introduce and steer your people through a learning pathway, designed to meet their learning needs, helping them to be the best that they can be, increasing their confidence and technical skills and behaviours.

This learning approach really is a professional and organisational growth enabler: it provides your HR team with a structured and incremental learning pathway that enables them to professionally mature – creating the skills uplift which leads to a direct impact on organisational performance.

Learning: It's about the journey

We believe learning is a journey: Mercer Learning is here at every step along the way to make this journey easier for you.

HR professionals' capacities take time to grow; which is why our training methodology is modular, and yet career-level specific. Those new to their learning journey can gain all the up-skilling they need now, but learners can see a clear development pathway for what their future knowledge needs will be as they progress their own careers too.

With our methodology, HR leaders can more clearly see who in their teams need what level of learning. We give HRDs and L&D leaders the platform they've wanted for to meet their teams’ training needs as their careers grow too. And we support leaders with access to Mercer’s broader knowledge and networking opportunities to build further effectiveness outside of the classroom.

Our Courses

  Compensation & benefits  

  Global Mobility  

  Workforce planning  

  Data & analytics  


  HRBP Development  

  Talent Development  

Our Courses

  Compensation & benefits     Global Mobility     Workforce planning     Data & analytics     IPE     HRBP Development     Talent Development  

reasons to partner with Mercer Learning for your HR training include:

Pragmatic, practical and actionable content:

From the 'basics' to 'advanced' levels, all training is discussion-based, case-study based, and interactive.

Designed and delivered by HR experts:

All courses are based on Mercer’s points of view and delivered by Mercer’s experts, who do this work every day, with leading organisations.

Consistent high-quality, highly-rated training and development:

During 2016, 91% of participants rated our courses as "very good" or "excellent".

Bespoke if you want it:

We can bring any of the courses direct to your organisation, world-wide, and develop content specifically for your people, with local adaptions.

About Mercer

Mercer is a global consulting leader in talent, health, retirement and investments with a global force of over 21,000 unique individuals united by the single idea of “Making Tomorrow, Today”. Mercer partners with organisations around the world to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their HR functions, and better align HR’s focus with business needs for sustainable impact and long-term value.