Strategic Partnering for HR Programme

Developing key HR leaders and business partners to make a real difference

In Mercer’s 2016 Global Talent Trends Study, only four percent of HR leaders reported that HR is seen as a strategic partner in their organization. Furthermore, over 80 percent indicated that their talent processes need an overhaul. How did the gulf between what HR intends to be — a strategic partner — and how HR is perceived — an undervalued resource — get so big?

Strategic Partnering for HR (SP4HR) is a 2.5-day experiential learning program created by Mercer in response to the growing need to support HR leaders to make a real difference to bottom-line, sustainable results; to the way HR is perceived as a value-adding business partner; and to build their personal brand by developing cutting-edge skills.

Key Learning Outcomes

This is a Mercer signature program designed for professionals seeking to develop their ability to link strategy to the talent agenda, operate under a strategic partnering paradigm and build self-insight through a collection of tools and exercises designed to stretch and develop them. Participants will learn:

  • How to balance the transactional, tactical, and strategic demands the business makes on HR, how to deliver most value to line and other business leaders and stakeholders.
  • The required behaviours, skills and capabilities around data - a new level of business acumen around how to tell a story with data to tell an effective story with data that will support strategic decision making and drive impact.
  • How to drive consensus and action using HR data to tell compelling business stories.
  • New abilities to read, anticipate, and manage potential conflict situations using the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Handling Modes instrument.

Mercer's SP4HR program will equip your HR leaders with the insights, skills, and motivation to begin shifting behaviours to more effectively influence internal customers and other stakeholders in the wider organization.

Benefit from attending Mercer's experiential and developmental program led by people who do this work, not trainers.

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Training Overview

Day 1
Strategic Partnering icon
Strategic Partnering

Next Generation HR Operating Model
What Your Customers Need from You
Good Practices for HR Professionals: Self-assessment Diagnostic
Building and Leveraging Your Personal Brand

Day 2
creating value icon
Creating Value

Your Role in Creating Shareholder Value
Diagnosing Business Problems and Designing Coherent Solutions
Anticipating, Mitigating, and Managing Conflict Situations
Creating the Right Conversations to Make Collaboration Happen

Day 3
having impact image
Having Impact

Using HR Data to Tell Business Stories
Currencies of Influence: Capstone activity
Making a Plan that Will Make a Difference

Who Should Attend?

Whether working in a business partner role or as a senior figure in another aligned HR business unit, this program will provide the theory, practice and confidence towards aligning HR with the business agenda and embed it at the core of strategic thought and implementation.