Explore Mercer & General Assembly’s 2020 HR Skills Accelerator Programmes

As the one function that touches every individual in an organization and appreciates the employee experience most, HR has a unique opportunity to help drive digitalization and transformation efforts in today’s rapidly changing world. Yet Mercer’s 2019 Global Talent Trends report revealed that only two in five HR leaders participate in the “idea generation stage” of major change projects.

To help design and build the future of work within their organizations, HR professionals must upskill with the critical knowledge and capabilities needed to deliver insights, design for digital transformation, and truly impact business value.

Sound daunting? Don’t worry – we are here to help.

Mercer has teamed up with General Assembly, a leading digital skills educator, to offer HR professionals two targeted skills accelerator programmes that will launch your learning journey, and help you meet the future of work head on.




Download a detailed programme description below:

Digital Foundations Accelerator            Data Fluency Accelerator

These programmes (sign up for one, or both!) are targeted towards individual learners, driven through structured online learning modules. These modules culminate with a one-day workshop experience with fellow HR professionals

Sign-Up Deadline: 24 January 2020
Programmes Launch: 27 January 2020

Details of each learning journey are below. The future is here and limited spots are available – so make sure you sign up soon!

Choose your programme

  • Digital Foundations: Learn the mind-set and language of digital transformation

    Course Overview:

    HR managers and leaders must solve the talent needs of business functions undergoing rapid digitisation, but often lack confidence in their understanding of the complex forces behind digital transformation, and the skills and competencies necessary to master those forces.

    You will learn the six core mind-sets of leading digital organisations via e-learning, culminating in a one-day workshop to bring the lessons home for your organization. From agile methodologies, to customer journeys, prototypes, LTV, MVP, UX - you’ve heard these terms in passing, but need an authoritative understanding of them to better lead the future of work at your organization.

    The course includes a pre-and-post-course assessment to evaluate and benchmark your understanding relative to peers.

    Download a course overview here.


    Your Learning Journey:

    • Pre-assessment (online, self-led)
    • 15 hours of online, self-led learning modules completed over 8 weeks in structured learning sprints
    • Post-assessment to demonstrate learning growth (online, self-led)
    • 1-day, instructor-led Digital Mind-set workshop delivered at GA’s London campus

    Fee: £1,360 +VAT per participant
    Registration deadline: 24 January 2020


    Who should attend:

    • HR managers, leaders and business partners establishing familiarity with digital essentials.
    • Individuals who are updating their skills and literacy.
    • HR team members looking to bolster employee onboarding and ongoing, future-ready learning and development programmes.


  • Data Fluency: Get started with essential tools and strategies to make data-driven decisions

    Course Overview:

    The future of HR is one dominated by data. Strengthen your foundational skills in analytics and acquire the know-how and practice you need to confidently analyze data and communicate data-driven insights to stakeholders. Includes fundamentals, framing questions, cleaning data, visualizing data, and communicating insights. Expert mentors keep you motivated with guidance and feedback in convenient 1:1 sessions.

    This blended programme includes e-learning and culminates in a one-day, instructor-led workshop in London, where you will apply the material from the online program to craft and present compelling narratives and visualizations from your data under the guidance of an experienced data practitioner.

    The course includes a pre-and-post assessment to self-assess and benchmark your command of the material relative to other organizations.

    • ~15 hours of premium self-led content, including lessons, quizzes, and projects.
    • 5 one-to-one sessions with an expert mentor.
    • 12-month access to GA’s learning platform, available anytime across devices.
    • Downloadable lesson summaries and project toolkits.
    • Expert guidance through the creation of your own portfolio project.
    • Skill assessment to see how you perform against industry peers.

    Download a course overview here.

    Price: £1,720 per participant
    Registration deadline: 24 January 2020


    Who should attend attend:

    This course is ideal for HR professionals needing to learn the essentials skills to make data-driven decisions.


    Your Learning Journey:

    • Pre-assessment (online, self-led)
    • 15 hours of online, self-led learning modules completed over 8 weeks in structured learning sprints
    • Virtual coaching sessions with a mentor during the online portion
    • Post-assessment to demonstrate learning growth (online, self-led)
    • 1-day, instructor-led workshop delivered at GA’s London campus on DATE


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