Blue Collar Total Remuneration Survey (Unionized staff)

Blue Collar Total Remuneration Survey (Unionized staff) SKU_9041

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Given the current context of Mexico and with the objective of supporting the collective bargaining negotiations to be held soon, Mercer launches the 1st Total Compensation Survey for Unionized Personnel.

This study performs a detailed analysis of all the collective contracts of participating companies, and shows the payment practices and benefits granted by companies in this segment of jobs in Mexico.



What will you receive?
  • General survey report (PDF format and consultation platform)
  • Individual comparative diagnosis (spreadsheet in Excel and PDF)
  • Report available in Spanish and in English

Data effectiveness: August 2018
Deadline for participation: September 28, 2018
Publication date: November 2018


The study is structured as follows:

  • General information of the participating companies
  • Compensation Policies and Practices report
  • HR metrics and indicators report
  • Detailed Report by Position

All reports are shown according to the following market cuts:

  • Industry
  • Geographic region
  • Trade Union Center
  • Age of Collective Contract
  • Company Size

More than 60 positions analyzed by:

  • Base Salary
  • Guaranteed Payments
  • Variable Payments
  • Long Term Incentives
  • Benefits

Mario Villanueva
+52 (55) 9628 7414

Claudia Rodríguez
+52 (55) 9628 7349


Non Participant Participant
$42,000mxp (USD $2,200)* $35,700mxp (USD $1,810)*

*The indicated values do not include taxes.

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  • Short DescriptionThis study is focused on unionized personnel, in which a detailed analysis of all the collective contracts of the participating companies is carried out by Mercer.
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