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The ability to attract and retain the top talent can be the difference between your company's success or your competitor's. The Mercer Benchmark Database is the most comprehensive and trusted general industry database for evaluating and creating competitive compensation plans.

For a limited time, purchase our best-selling 2016 Mercer Benchmark Database modules at a significant discount. This bundle was created so you can focus on the functions you need the most and is available now at 40% off the non-participant price.

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US Bundle

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Finance, Accounting, and Legal

197 positions
2,568 organizations

Human Resources

146 positions
2,464 organizations

Mercer/Gartner IT

484 positions
2,286 organizations

Canada Bundle

See all CA Mercer Benchmark Database modules now.

Corporate and HR

246 positions
965 organizations

Finance, Accounting, and Legal

160 positions
919 organizations

Mercer/Gartner IT

432 positions
743 organizations

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Finance, Accounting, and Legal

Data analysis by geographic area, net revenue amount, total employment, and industry (over 20 available) allows you to cut the data to match your organization's exact need.

Human Resources

Base pay, short- and long-term incentive, salary ranges, workforce composition and retention metrics, and other data are collected for each HR position. Data refinement by industry, geographical area, gross premiums, operating expenses/budget, and total employment are just some of the options available.

Mercer/Gartner Information Technology

Spanning all industries, this salary survey allows you to benchmark your compensation strategy against all organizations while also giving you the ability to narrow the data by industry, geographic location, number of employees, net revenue amount, and more.

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Mercer Benchmark Database Bundle

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  • Short DescriptionMost comprehensive and trusted general industry database for evaluating and creating competitive compensation plans.
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