Workforce Turnover

Insights to help you manage employee departures

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Employee turnover can bring a mixed bag of positive and negative impacts. Although some turnover brings interruption to ongoing projects and costly recruiting, sometimes it’s beneficial for revitalizing or fine-tuning your workforce. In either case, it’s critical that you prepare for turnover so you can be proactive in taking the steps needed to retain your top talent.

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Forecast, prepare for, and manage the revolving door of employment

Workforce turnover presents a dilemma to all companies. Some estimate that the cost of losing and replacing a single employee can equal more than twice that employee's salary, with costs increasing further based on the departing employee’s seniority. Be proactive with your talent retention and workforce planning efforts and explore information regarding voluntary and involuntary turnover across six career levels.

Monitor voluntary and involuntary turnover

  • Economic and labor market trends (unemployment, workforce participation, etc.)
  • Voluntary and involuntary turnover by employee level and by industry
  • Workforce changes by industry

Published: November 2019

Next release: November 2020

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Workforce Turnover

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