Trailing Spouse/Partner Relocation Service

Help your relocating employee’s other half find employment in their new location.

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Moving to a new city or country for work is both an exciting adventure and a scary change for your employee and their family. When your employee’s spouse/partner also works outside the home, finding a new job, in the new location adds an extra layer of complexity to the move.

To ensure top talent is willing to relocate – domestically or internationally – you need to consider both the employee and the impacted family. By helping trailing spouses/partners find employment, not only can you ease the transition for your employee and increase the chance of a successful move, but you can also strengthen your corporate reputation as an employer.

Help trailing spouses/partners through the relocation process with the following career transition resources:

  • Orientation and transition guides
  • Targeted job searching
  • Resume development and review
  • Self-assessments and workshops
  • Networking and company research
  • Video interview practice and coaching
Are you doing everything you can to ensure a smooth transition for your employee and their family?
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Why Mercer’s Trailing Spouse/Partner Relocation Service?


The solution is a global solution that is accessible 24/7/365 by anyone with a Wi-Fi connection.


Our platform is currently available in Spanish, French Canadian and English. Our career coaching team cover those same languages and are accessible Monday-Friday from 9am-8pm EST and on weekends from 10am-4pm EST.


A modern solution designed for today's employee.


It helps drive referral opportunities and provides access to unlisted job openings —  our jobs library has over 5 million global available jobs with LinkedIn plugins to connect your network to your search.


Offer the service to anyone you choose, with no limits or restrictions.


Given the virtual nature of the product, Mercer’s Trailing Souse/Partner Relocation Service is a fraction of the cost of traditional workforce transition solutions. Whether you’re looking to support 5 or 50,000 employees and their families facing a career transition, we can help you design the right package for your organization. Choose from two available purchase options:

  • A subscription model
  • Transactional bundles

To learn more about this solution or to place your order, please contact us at 800-333-3070.

  • Sub TitleHelp your relocating employee’s other half find employment in their new location.
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  • Short DescriptionHelp your relocating employee’s other half find employment in their new location.
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